• Crenshaw

    Reeaallyy?!?! You would figure these guys would know that the dissing route is corny now.

  • @Crenshaw

    only a bitch ass YM fan would say dissing is corny...if we talk about Wayne,Drake,Minaj,Ross and Tyler then yes its corny cuz they been bullied all their life

  • Bigg El Dogg

    Back at it?? Back at what? Being irrelevant???? Agreed, this is maaaad corny...GMO

  • Matt b

    Wow! Treach went in on that one! The beat was hard, what you gon do now Vin? Absolutely nothing bc that entire song was horrible. (My favorite line when he called him whinnie the pooh, lol)

  • Advance

    You guys know you don't have to post it right? If you're going to type "sigh" like a bitch and act like you're above it, then don't post it

  • Kreayshawn

    ^^^ dumb ass they need traffic on their site, so they will post things that are popular regardless of what they think. why do you think they post music from ross, birdman, dj khaled, whatever.. do you think they actually like most of that music?

  • Kev

    Treach beefing on twitter with his Partner at 43 years old. DAMN SHAME!!! He looks dumb and the diss track is WACKKKKK!!!!!

  • C-los

    I'm not even gonna listen to this. Just dismiss this whole shit

  • Me

    This s**t is so corny Vinnie won by default. Treach you just ethered yourself. Congrats

  • Chuck E

    Maybe one day when I'm thinking thoughts like "Damn! I'd kill to hear some new Treach & Naughty", I'll learn to be more careful for what I wish for.

    The track is wack. The beef is wack. The situation is wack. Ya'll took KayGee back; this too will blow over, I hope.