Vic Mensa Announces Kids These Days Break Up

blame it on Shake May 8, 2013

Dammit! In what I’m sure comes as a shock to many of us, Vic Mensa just revealed to XXL that the (incredibly talented) Chicago collective Kids These Days has official broken up.

It’s never going to be an “I hate you” type of situation. For the most part it’s a happy settlement. There were certain moves made by some people that weren’t all the way stand-up moves, but at the end of the day there isn’t really any bad blood. It’s not like I can’t be in the room with everybody in the band, and I wish everybody the best. But the band breaking up wasn’t my ultimatum, I didn’t bring that to the table, but once it was brought to the table it kind of opened up a world I’d already been living in in my own head for a while. I just see it as a great opportunity. Kids These Days was great and it was a lot of fun, but now I want to do something different. And I produce now, too.

Check the full interview here; which includes more talk of the break up, Vic’s plans for his solo career (INNANETAPE coming soon), a premiere of his new music video (which you can check here) and more.

  • ellerhva

    can we get the link for the rest of the article please?

  • ^^ whoops. i had “XXL” hyperlinked but forgot to hyperlink “here” doing now.

  • QZA

    this is SUCH horse shit. do they realize how much they were doing for the game?? people won’t rank this with the all time worst break-ups but DAMN, i sure as fuck do. they provided me with one of the best live performances i’ve ever attended, in a small ass venue too. very, very sad news in my opinion.

  • brite

    I never even heard of these children until acid rape and now allofasudden they are broken up? Niggas got that pitchfork envy.

    That Mensa verse on the tape was good though, he should think about releasing a mixtape before his Chance assisted buzz died down.

  • mez

    Damn this sucks. They were really dope and I definitely saw a potentially big fan base for them.

  • Trixx

    @QZA I saw them live too and it was definitely one of the best live shows i’ve ever seen. Such talented kids, it’s a real shame.

  • Joel

    broken up??…they were just getting started…incredibly disappointing….traphouse rock had the coolest blend of different musical genres I’ve heard in a long damn time….this is what the industry does to artists…forces them into their own predictable cookie cutter lanes so they can squeeze as much profit out of them as possible…

  • C-los

    Damn… I’m hoping that if they broke up partly due to Vic doing other stuff then maybe they could get another rapper and keep the Kids These Days concept going. Traphouse Rock is a great album