• Nito

    DROP IT NOW!!!!!!!

  • ear2ear

    sounds very promising to me.

  • ouch

    damn crazy disapointed those joints sound terrible! and im a HUGE kanye fan...most of it doesnt even sound like hiphop lol

  • realtalk™

    Ughh.. since everbody on Kanye's dick does that mean electronic music is gonna be featured in hip hop even more? No thanks.

  • http://gtfoh.com Starks

    lol what the hell is this?

  • Grand Kaiser

    Stop stealing shit from KTT.

    • GOODLife

      :hah: LOOOOOB
      At least we got credit

    • http://kanyetothe.com GOODLife

      : LOOOOOB
      At least we got credited

  • http://KTT ENIKAY

    Kaiser caught feels

  • steelogreen

    Dope. Shake you ever heard of a group named Love At First Sound? They did the joint for Factz. Ye should sign them. they got a song called MErcy Me thats nice.