Omarion: Maybach O Vlog pt.3 (Video)

blame it on Illy May 10, 2013

Omarion pays homage to the late King of Pop and creates a new dance move called, “Sun Glide” in his latest “Maybach O” webisode.

(Never forget.)

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  • I’m the best, Nigga

    I think I made up the sun glide first. It was a few years ago and I was living with my parents and they told me to clean the kitchen while they were gone. I like listening to music any time I clean to make it more enjoyable so this day I was listening to some Michael and I had gotten to his song Bad while on the floor and started grooving to the music. I had to move back to clean more of the floor and started moon walking while scrubbing the floor. all fours on the ground while moving backwards, I thought I had just invented the coolest move since the Moonwalk. I imagine it looked like this but about a hundred times better. Maybach O can’t dance for shit.

  • str8

    Love the Clams Casino track…O still dancing for his freedom I see

  • bullshit O

    so a moonwalk on your hands…looks like shit compared to the moon walk! Not a game changer in any way. Any dancer who can moonwalk well and has flexibility can pull this.

  • HiiiLife

    Thatʻs how Stephen Hawking would move if he could


    shit is trash.

  • reallive

    I love contemporary dance, but the intro leading up to that was absolutely bullshit. And who the fuck cares about the sunglide?? its a crawling moonwalk he did for 15 seconds in the video. .gif classic tho