• you

    Somehow I got through close to 3 minutes of French Montana for the Rae verse. This is going to be the wackest album of the year. Tell Rae to not waste verses on this chump.

  • Frost

    Not even Rae could save this shit......still ass

  • http://yourmother.org Ya Girls Ex

    yall bitch ass haterz this niggas albums gonna be dope an all you fuck boys know it stay living in your mothers house masturbating

  • whyselllout?

    Again Rae?...ffs

  • the realest

    lol niggaz hatin' again lol

  • http://facebook.com/producergonemad Mad_Producer

    This production, though....sheeeeesh!!! Go hard.

  • Daniel

    Jackin' Raekwon's Ice Cream tho.

  • http://kenzosiraga.tumblr.com KNZO

    if anyone knows who produced this, let us know.

  • DaWa

    Scott Storch

  • Da Gawd

    This beat is fire. French is still turrible tho!

  • Critic