Mannie Fresh Addresses Big Tymers Situation (Video)

blame it on Shake May 15, 2013

During today’s episode of RapFix Live, Sway got Mannie Fresh on Skype to speak on Shit’s plan of bringing the Big Tymers name back with Lil Wayne and Drake instead of himself. The response? There is no Big Tymers without Mannie Fresh.

Drake is a great artist. Wayne is a great artist. But they aren’t Big Tymers. It’s like doing a Jackson 5 album with Boyz II Men.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly, minus the whole “Wayne is a great artist” thing.

  • DustinSmith

    That delay.

    Also first.

  • Can someone tell Sway to switch to Google hangout? It’s better.

  • daaaamn he said wayne nd drizzy gon be doin old navy commercials inna few months!!!

    butt uhhh mannie spittin dat troof. big tymers the shit!!!

    butttt uhhhhhh does ‘everybody get yo roll’ on make a lot more sense to anybody else?/ or is dat just me???/

  • marty mcfly

    Man, Mannie Fresh was the worst part of Big Tymers… Everybody knows that Birdman is the true talent.

  • I love Home Movies.. Like the adult swim show.. “Home Movies”

    Ladies and gentleman.. please note the sarcasm in the above post lol. Seriously though Mannie crafted a whole sound for a whole sub genre of hiphop for a decade or so.. He honestly doesn’t even need to be making music with these goons anymore.

  • marty mcfly

    Not sarcasm bro… Mannie Fresh has shit beats. Sorry to say.

  • Louis V

    Clearly you don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Birdman true talent???? WOW.

  • Fresh

    ‘She say she like Lil Wayne but she love the Big Tymers’