J. Cole: Essentials

blame it on Shake May 17, 2013

Jermaine is next up to participate in Hype Beast’s ongoing Essentials series, emptying out his bag and breaking down his everyday needs.

Like many rappers, Cole considers no less than two chains, a bottle of Hennessy, and a hookah as necessary items. In another respect though, we find noise-canceling headphones, a pen and pad (rare in an age of smartphone raps), and even more convincingly: a copy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel is of great importance here, as it symbolizes what has made J. Cole’s music so appealing over the years: the balance between dark and light.

Check the break down for each item over at HB and get ready for Born Sinner on June 25th.

  • $$$

    “Cole considers no less than two chains”. There’s only 1 fucking chain there. HypeBeasts we know ’bout ya

  • dee in your momz

    this shit is stupid, tho i did consider copin those nikes tho…i just let em pass by so some herb could wear them instead…later hip hop nerds…cats dont even understand…the culture has been fashonable since the beginning…this shit aint nothing new…all these mags and people dick ride so hard these days…its all just to sell shit, but fuck it do your thing you sellouts…im prolly just jealous cuz im broke cuz i went to school and got an education so i could have a future and not rap for my freedom my whole life…”love to rap, but hate the game” SEAN PRICE