Kanye West Debuts “New Slaves” On Buildings Across the Globe (Video) [Update: Full Version Added]

blame it on Shake May 17, 2013

Earlier tonight Kanye deleted his June Eighteenth Twitter update and replaced it with the one you see below. And as Yeezy Season begins, Kanye West is taking to 66 buildings across the globe (locations can be found here) to premiere his new song “New Slaves” against the sides of them. UPDATE: Clips of the entire song from all over are starting to surface. Hit the jump for the Brooklyn, Toronto (thanks to our very own Ghost of Shake) and Chicago premieres.

Bedford St. in Brooklyn, NYC (via Mikey Fresh)

Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada (via our very own Ghost of Shake).

Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL.

Prada, 5th Ave, NYC

  • enlite

    Innovative I guess?

  • skiler415

    this would be epic. it it was 2005

  • royal

    Wow, fuck the new social media. These vines could have actually been one fucking recording of the whole damn song but NOPE GOTTA USE VINE WHAT IS YOUTUBE


    Kanye is the best……..ALIVE!

  • pL

    was just about to say the same thing @royal. fuck dis vine bullshit

  • cam perry

    I got the full live recording. Its dope AF

  • Damn Right

    Pusha and Ye albums gone kill the game!

  • doc rovers

    vine > twitter and instagram bullshit.
    wait was kanye really doing that singing thing? yikes

  • Word

    @doc rovers shhhhhhhh and enjoy greatness

  • TooClutch4TV

    G.O.O.D. Music!!!

  • ‘Ye just Gossiped himself and heoeno

  • popdat

    damn Kanye really hates white folks lol

  • ear2ear

    Dope, can’t wait for the mp3!

  • whateveriguess


  • Industry Snitch

    Frank Ocean is in the cdq of it

  • marty mcfly

    I was kinda disappointed by Kanye’s outbursts on stage a few months back but he calmed down a little so its cool. This song is alright but I do appreciate Kanye using his popularity to speak on some real issues. So I give it a DOPE !!! I think if Kanye can kinda not act crazy for a while then maybe the messages within his music will be taken a little more serious and make the impact of those kinda songs a little stronger.

  • jijr

    I think people are just more excited by the format and the fact that it’s new music from kanye than the actual quality of the song. granted it’s not cdq, but this is not even album worthy quality for Kanye. It’s like when kanye did those songs at facebook 2 years ago and the groupies lost their mind then it turns out they didnt even make the album and chain heavy wasnt all that great. Ask the stans how they feel about the song in a week once their homo erotic boners subside

  • who cares


  • Complacent

    Chain Heavy wasn’t dope? Kill yourself slime ball but look on the bright side Excuse My French drops tuesday just for you to drain your tesies to som hoe whose only aspiration is to be in a worldstarhiphop video fight

  • Huh

    ^^^Shut up

  • smitty

    “and chain heavy wasnt all that great”

    Stop it.

  • john gofuckyourself

    can he rap about anything besides race? that got old 7 years ago.

  • Honestly speaking, this is like a B-Side to “Niggas In Paris”. But, it’s a statement being made more than anything. I could only seeing this being a street single if that’s the direction of this record. And reason behind releasing it. It isn’t GREAT lyrically but the message in it is the Kanye we knw. His album, has to be as good if not better than this release. His last few albums were actually good but not up-to-par to; College Dropout & Late Registration.

    I am honestly looking forward to this album, MNIMN, Born Sinner, and Loso’s Way 2: Rise To Power.

    • RandomAssNicole

      Its not old when youre still experiencing it 365 days a year and its only getting worse.

  • MewLover34

    MBDTF & Graduation > College Dropout & Late Registration. That is all…

  • randy

    @Complacent who the hell do you think you are passing judgments and making gross assumptions about people simply because you don’t agree with their opinion?

    You groupies are fucking hilarious. you have such a sense of entitlement about music, everybody must share your views or there have some kind of character defect, when in reality you are clearly the one with a problem

    Chain Heavy was cool as a message, but as a song it was not that great. That’s probably why it was just a bonus track. You probably cant even remember the last time you played that song, yet you are fronting on people for not liking it. You probably wont be playing new slaves a few weeks from now either.

  • Complacent

    fuck you randy your music perspective is primitive and i still play all the songs from the good fridays just because your taste is limited don’t fuck with the goat

  • Kev

    Late Registration is still my favorite Kanye album.. Graduation & MBDTF were good but not like LR.. Fuck 808s, I didn’t like it when I was 18 & I still don’t like it

  • randy

    @Complacent stop trying to sound intelligent. you really didnt say anything

  • Uncle Tom

    Who else only listened to 3/5ths of the video?

  • digitek

    wow, not even a ye fan but that shit was ill ..dude needs to start remembering he’s got a baby with a white chick tho (armenian yeah but in the eyes of everyone else and media she’s white)

  • Quickstrike

    1 in every 15 black males are incarcerated in the US these are real issues. Do yourselves a favor and look into private prison corporation as a lobbying group to the government. But our President is black tho… *shrugs*.
    “You see it’s leaders and it’s followers
    But I’d rather be a dick than a swallower”

  • AQ

    thank you kanye, expose these clowns

  • marty mcfly

    For those wondering why Kanye would say these things in his lyrics or feel some kinda way about these lyrics, or have forgotten that Kanye is black? Google Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr and then realize thats just one judge they caught but no telling how many other judges do the same kinda things for money. This guy wasn’t even a big fish within the system so its far worse goin on then him operating on levels higher up within the prison industrial complex. Dont be mad at Kanye cause he just telling you the truth. Just saying

  • marty mcfly

    The shit was called the Kids For Cash scandal. Smh

  • friendsbfriends

    like it.. video is lazy as a turtle tho

  • REY17

    This idea = terrible. And i’m not watching a video of a video being played on a wall

  • HudMo

    U jus mad u don’t live in a city where this shit being beamed^ country folk

  • REY17

    Didn’t know D.C. was considered country…idiot



  • realtalk™

    Kanye stans are the most blinded ignorant stans of all.. enjoy your Yeezy season I’ll stick to music that isn’t just trendy or controversial but actually good to listen to.. might even bump College Dropout and reminisce where it all went wrong with this psychopath

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    What does this pampered multimillionaire nigga know about slavery?

    Oh poor Kanye, he scratched his Lambo aventador….listen to him dissin people that brag about the Hamptons. Wow, the self awareness of a goldfish.

    • Jay


      So someone who has worked their way up isn’t black enough? I’m certain that he has experienced more racism in his life than you have… Unless you’ve had millions of people around the world calling you a nigger and begging for your immediate death.

      Oh, my bad, you work for what you have and you’re pampered… So every time you work hard to buy yourself something nice, remember that you’re a pampered nigga in his new pair of $50 sneakers that he saved up 6 months to cop.

  • syneng

    @MewLover34 just no.

  • Complacent

    Co-sign Jay

    Perhaps you should read the The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, she is another pampered individual who exposed those clowns in the private prison system.

  • JC

    Comment on YouTube –
    “when a brother gets to this point, he knows he better say whatever he has to before they take him out.”
    – Agreed

  • malcyvelli

    THIS WASNT LYRICALLY DOPE? ARE YOU SERIOUS? oh, oh, oh wait, he didn’t use any big words or metaphysical, third eye bullshit references, huh? clown be quiet and sit down, this shit was so on point I could maim a pussy nigga like yourself with the shit, easy

  • Cousin Ruckas

    Good for Kanye! Maybe them damn coons will learn something while Ye is making fun of them!

  • DustinSmith

    The fuck is The Ghost of Shake?

  • Hey hey some 1 who got the Guts to really say something with contents

  • African Spokesperson

    Not shown in any African locations, where the original slaves debuted. (Or Scotland but there is an English location though I’ll give him that.) Lol let me stop.

  • FakirWise

    Would be cool to hear a CDQ

  • @malcyvelli – “THIS WASNT LYRICALLY DOPE? ARE YOU SERIOUS? oh, oh, oh wait, he didn’t use any big words or metaphysical, third eye bullshit references, huh?”

    ^ SO ON POINT. These Third Eye wannabes spend all day clogging they mind anyway. Fools need to gets out. Back to the music. I was skeptical of ‘Ye especially after making “Murder To Excellence” but giving co-sign to Keef. This shit right here tho? DAMN. Sound like all his albums in one. Dark like Fantasy, social commentary like College Dropout, confidence on Graduation, beat like a zoned out “Niggas In Paris” tip, with that little 808ish bridge at the end… PROGRESSION people… If the album like this…

  • Boring.

  • friendsbfriends

    ^ yo where was that third eye reference anyway tho

  • TBH

    lryics / content is dope but that beat is wack… firstly wheres the snare drum? and secondly the beat sounds like an unfinished B side to Click… slightly disapointed TBH, cos im a big fan of hit boy. kanye didnt disapoint tho.

  • bigErn

    Yeah that’s too much like a remixed “Clique”, but still sounds pretty damn good. Hit-boy’s style works it just isn’t versatile

  • gregory kruxx.

    way too many closed minded negative ass people on here..the man was jus expressing his view and being artistic while doing it..smh..haters

  • TheSp1200

    Ye is actually going after the Prison Industrial System (modern day slave system) and some here are talking about beat and wack and Kim K and such. This is the highest form of revolutionary Hip Hop in a long time. Simply because he’s using the global nature of his outlet to expose some serious shit rite here. Private companies are using private prisons to make products and thats tied into mass incarcerations of brown people tied in public policy and laws created to feed this system in america. i.e Rockafella Drug Laws, etc. Modern day southern cotton picking with an up north mentality. No one of his level is speaking on this stuff. Yet, the repetition of us saying we’re the new slaves needs a red flag…

  • the realest

    Who else only listened to 3/5ths of the video?

    Uncle Tom said this on May 18th, 2013 at 2:29 am

    ^ lol thought i was the only one. and co-sign the this being b-side niggaz in paris.

  • Enlite

    ^^ I was waiting for someone else to see the bigger picture. This is being shown on 66 buildings across the world — it’s the largest PSA in history, and Kanye used a revolutionary / contemplative message for it….. IDGAF if you dislike Kanye… this is monumental for any rapper or activist who has wanted to get their message out without having to sell people on it first. This is some V for Vendetta shit. Cheers to those who can see.

    • RandomAssNicole

      Thank you! I see the bigger picture. And i noticed those who don’t see the message are people who making ignorant comments as if we live in some post racial society. Its cool though because Kanye message was targeted to those who are participants of the Black experience, those who are experiencing the racism, the effects of the prison industrial complex and mass incarceration, and simply the effects of mental slavery that has been passed down generations. I applaud Kanye for using his influence to speak up about these issues.

    • RandomAssNicole

      Thank you! I see the bigger picture. And i noticed those who don’t see the message are people who making ignorant comments as if we live in some post racial society. Its cool though because Kanye message was targeted to those who are participants of the Black experience, those who are experiencing the racism, the effects of the prison industrial complex and mass incarceration, and simply the effects of mental slavery that has been passed down generations. I applaud Kanye for using his influence this way.


    He forgot Black People owned slaves to

    Oh i forgot lets not bring that up

    • kingKong

      He’s sayin new slaves. Slaves to the system, government and cooperations not white ppl. A lot of ppl didnt get the message.

  • Mike

    All these people pointing out the shit they dislike about the song/idea are the same fuckin people who were talking in the videos. Simple minded & annoying as Fk.

  • “This is some V for Vendetta shit.”

    WORD. Cheers.

  • the realest

    He forgot Black People owned slaves to
    Oh i forgot lets not bring that up

    IGNORANT said this on May 18th, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    ^not in america. try again.

  • OhGawd

    To see ppl say this is corny is a baffling to me. 1st, even if you dont like the song, give props to the innovative marketing idea of putting this song on display for the world to see and hear. 2nd, why would you rather a man regress to what he was doing 10 years ago instead of see him growing with the times?? fucking chodes.

  • slaaams

    @john gofuckyourself … kill yourself

    I honestly haven’t been a kanye fan since late reg but I’m cosigning @master crowley , this is song is artistically reflecting a culmination of multiple different kanye’s from over the years, and the minimalist backdrop is just simply dope.

    and i’m cosigning john @thesp1200, the issues he’s bringing up here are novel and relevant af, beyond that they NEED to be getting talked about right now so I’m happy kanye’s hittin the prison system as well as this whole war on drugs bullshit in this song,(DEA hooked up with the CCA.)

    If you actually don’t see why kanye’s lyrics are dope on this you really need to read up on what’s going on in america, socially as well as how it connects to race

  • SforMusic

    Kanye West is Greatest Outsider in Hip Hop period. Everything he has ever done has always been outside of wat ppl are even touching or thinkin in the genre period. That’s what makes him an asshole, dickhead and at the very same time the Musical Genius that he is. Most of you are acting like your favorite rappers have even projected a music video in a building let alone 66 c’mon stop it now. The fact that u all are hating on the nigga on a blog site “surprise surprise” does validate everything i just said. I mean this guy influenced the game in soo many ways yet u aint satisfied unless he actually becomes either a “pan-african” or a 90s- early 2000 rapper… Come off that let the man do wat he wants to do cos hate it or love it he is a master at it. Let an Artist be an artist !

  • hahahahaha

    Kanye West talking about Slaves

    But he sold his soul to them LMAO


    G T F O H

  • Jazz

    Guess kanye is regreting what he did. cant you all see? Theres no goverment, only corporation. Most Famous people are controlled by MK ULTRA AND CIA!!!!! Kanye is making rebel against it. In the lyrics he even say that he wants to move out from america becausr he knows the risks of publishing this song! Fuck illuminati! Wake up America!

  • Guy

    He forgot Black People owned slaves to
    Oh i forgot lets not bring that up

    IGNORANT said this on May 18th, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    ^not in america. try again.

    the realest said this on May 18th, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Yes, they did.

  • Guy

    Admittedly, I didn’t listen to the entire song, because I didn’t think it was very good (though I did love the leader/follower/dick/swallow bars).

    Maybe he went on to address this later in the song, or maybe I missed the message as a whole because of not hearing it, but isn’t the whole “rich nigga racism, come buy this” (paraphrasing) part of it a little hypocritical coming from him when he often raps about materialistic and expensive things?

  • Guy

    My point being, if it’s “rich nigga racism” to advertise these certain products because it’s what all black people want, why does he then go on to rap about those very products; basically glorifying them to the people who listen to his music?

    Isn’t he just doing their work for them?

    All of that being said, the idea of projecting the video onto the buildings was a great one.

  • marty mcfly

    I think people should remember that Kanye is not actually Jesus so the judgments you make about him is one thing but just remember that Kanye is not a perfect human being so give him credit for at least trying to be a great artist. 2nd black people in america have not contributed to racism and slavery on an equal level as slave owners in america during the half century of slavery in the United States and the decades of racism that followed afterwards. Kanye has every right to make the statements he makes in this song because what he’s saying is reality.

  • marty mcfly

    If Kanye is telling the truth in these lyrics well then the truth is the truth. You can nitpick it but it is what it is.

  • NO!!!

    Fag shit…this faggot is the worst.

  • marty mcfly

    Oh my fault, slavery went on for alot longer then half a century but you get the point. If you dont like the song then cool but Kanye is gonna get plenty of hate from certain kinda people for this song. So if you consider yourself a fan of hip hop culture then imo sometimes you should give a artist credit for saying some real shit instead of hating on something that contains a level of substance beyond the usual raps about the club.

  • !!!

    i hate all of you. your opinions are fucking atrocious and 90 percent of you you dont know enough about music to have such strong opinions.

    all you guys know is fucking hypebeast…2dopeboyz….fucking blog world.

    you guys are aiding to the depreciation of an artform and are too fucking egotistical to realize it.

    interested and passionate are two different things….learn the fucking difference.

    quit misrepresenting the culture you fucking losers.


    p.s. – yes, you are the new slaves. slaves to an ideal that you dont even quite understand which doesn’t allow for the growth of a culture.

    fuck all of you.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    BOOO! Another song that entails him bitching again while tryin to kick knowledge while at the same time boasting. What a human e-pill he became. Another angry rich nigga!! SMH!!! Pooooooor millionaire. lol

  • jussayin

    kinda ill