• Rumpuntung

    Lauryn was terrible the two times I saw her. I guess she got herself together so I'm happy about that.

  • Complacent

    So sick of the Lauryn obsession, the bitch had one studio album!!!....and like 10 verses on the fugees album then that acoustic shit where attemtped to show how much of an intellect she was and rambled most of the time...she's the most insecure artist of all time who couldn't live up to another album but instead blamed the "system" or people not understanding her. no one else gets a pass for this type of fuckery but her

    in other news melanie fiona still makes music?

  • doc rovers

    co-sign Complacent

  • Justin

    I heard the show was as bad as the previous ones. She came on time though which is an achievement.

  • queenlaurynxlovelittlez

    fuck yall hating lauryn, yall mad you never got to see anuva albu8m. haaa