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  • http://www.allenwalker.co allen Walker

    Haters... Let that mink drag on the floor

  • NervNavo

    Tney still sleeping on Travis...

  • Zak

    No fuck w/ kanye and cudi? Fuck that

  • Colesummer

    Wonder if thats a legit bon iver feature or a sample

  • Terry

    So is this an album now or still a mixtape?

  • Dennis

    So niggas just gonna ignoer the fact that toro y moi is on this album? Aight.

  • PaperKut

    Took all that time for 13 tracks?

  • Alex

    toro y moi, bon iver, & asap ferg on one album!
    i hope this comes out on Tuesday. Puhleaaaaase!

  • sweet YEEZUS

    Bon Iver! how the fuck?

  • mobb

    whats with all the features on everybodys albums nowadays.

  • richniggashit

    niggas sleeping on travis, he had in fact way more tracks for the album thas why he's releasing the free version with 13 tracks for free and a deluxe version on iTunes with bonus tracks.

  • abovethenorman

    @ colesummer my educated guess would be it's a sample

  • clint chudyk

    Owl Pharoah has to be the wackest title i've ever heard