• 7

    You ain't never seen or heard no shit like this
    Until you purchase our CD, it's very worth it - Prodigy


  • Josh Smith

    "Run for ya life, or you wanna get your heat- whatever, we can die together. Long as I send ya maggot ass to the essence... I don't give a fuck about my presence." I have the first 4 words of that line tattooed on my shin. Photo evidence available upon request.

  • http://instagram.com/kylejwp bizzy

    Not a fucking soul.

  • Ezekiel Valenga

    And here I go again, lettin the mac blow
    Slugs bubble up in your stomach like lactose
    I'ma date shorty, put it up in her backbone -Havoc

  • Brady Stewart

    To all the killers and the 100 dollar billers

  • Moe

    I write my life time in between the paper's lines.