• Mike

    what a fag

  • Dan

    I think anyone who wants to take a stance on drug-use of any nature can't lay down an opinion until they've taken some drugs. That's like making statements about a music genre you haven't heard yet.

  • Jon

    He's not judging anyone's usage of drugs, he's merely stating that it has negatively affected a lot of people's lives. I have fucked with a lot of drugs. Although it has been dope as fuck, when you see people taking to it an extent in which endangers their lives, it's scary. That's why it should be talked about.

  • SforMusic

    some of the World's Best songs are drug induced.My thing is you can enjoy a drug induced song without having to take them if u do decide to take drugs or let an artist influence you to take them then dats on you. It's the artist job to deliver his art and message to the ppl. whatever happens beyond that can sometimes be on the audience more than the artist themselves.It is a matter of personal responsibility at the end of the day if u decide to pop a molly cos of Trinidad James or a Danny Brown den you are kind of a weak-minded person to even do so without thinking wat it can do to you

  • whateveriguess

    He is mostly talking about the drugs that are notorious for killing and ruining lives. AKA the whitney houstons and such. And really? Calling him a fag? Your mom must not have loved you as a kid.

  • JustSayin’

    This letter is written by the same dude who made "Heads Will Roll" for project X... just sayin', that song alone made kids wanna do molly probably more than any song Juicy J or Danny Brown have put out.

  • http://stream1.gifsoup.com/webroot/animatedgifs1/1124810_o.gif KEYBOARD_t(“t)_WARRIOR

    Really? A fag?

    I don't know you, but I can't help but think you are a Trinidad James enthusiast. Molly-popping but buddies. Feel free to die on an overdose from your ignorance, please, I wont stop you.

    If you want to take every drug under the sun, then be my guest. Who am I to stop you from letting you do what you want with your life? At the same time, you have to make sure that what you do doesn't negatively impact others. We can't have 13 year-old kids mindlessly popping Mollies just because they saw it on TV. People need to be educated people about drugs, so they can make an informed decision if they choose indulge. How do you do that? Talk about it.

    I think that's what A-Trak is saying and hes got a good point
    [Mike, you faggot Ha! Why bother, right? but its fun.]

  • Kev

    Knowledge is everything. I believe people who educate themselves about drugs & practice self control will prevent any problems that can come from abuse. I don't think there is anything wrong with experimenting with drugs as long as it's responsible, there is a difference between drug use & drug abuse.

  • Fat Matt

    Fortunate Ones - Did you Eat a Powdered Donut?

    A-Track is late.

  • Rick O Shea

    "Do the drugs, don't let the drugs do you."

  • msvssr

    @JustSayin': A-Trak's remix of Heads Will Roll wasn't made FOR Project-X, it was only featured in the movie.
    and i think people definetly have an own responsibility but rap still kinda works like commercials, if rappers talk about something lots of other people will be as well...

  • http://reyshizz.com rey

    drug education, ha! people are getting educated about these drugs by the songs that are made about them.... how good it is... the effects... and the bitches you get for having/taking them... for most people that's as far as the education goes... the REAL question is why do people feel the need to take drugs in the first place? the way i see it you can take zoloft for depression or pop a molly... in either case you're applying a short term solution with possible long term (or deadly) consequences.

    in reference to this letter, you can't have it both ways. you can't glorify something and damn it in the same breath. it's either you're all for getting high or you're not. if you're not why would promote it? that's lame.