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  • TheTermination

    i wish someone would do this too Big K.R.I.T. & J. Cole

  • ahaha

    Jay stays losing

  • doc rovers

    this dude single handedly threw away a promising career

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  • marty mcfly

    I dont know what it is about SUPER talented MCs cause over the years ever now and then you see a glimpse of someone thats so ahead of what everybody else is doing but for some strange reason they just dont come through like how their supposed to. It could be that their material is too far ahead of the times to even be marketed or too lyrical to the point of being written off by fans who dont understand, it could be industry politics or It could just come down to the MC themselves is just not being able to work with the music industry machine. Whatever it is I think its just one of those things with really talented MCs that just dont really get on. Anyway Jay Elec did at least try and I guess things didnt work out but all this material is definitely a album plus worth of songs. So even though a real mainstream album never came through and that is disappointing, people still got dope music from Jay Elec at the end of the day. Just saying

  • SforMusic

    The Nigga is out here in London marrying a Billionaire's daughter haha... I dont think he is worried about music anymore

  • mitch

    Damn both Jay and Papoose seemed to have such promising futures but they both killed their careers by continuously pushing back their albums. You saw what happened to Pap - he finally released his album and it was pretty bad considering who he had supposedly worked with (Dre, Scott Storch, Timabaland, Snoop, and many more). If Jay Elec ever does decide to put out new stuff, nobody will be looking for it (only his die hard stans).

  • mitch

    Let me rephrase my last comment. Papoose's album wasn't bad, but it could have been so much better. If he would have released it when he was hot, he could have easily sold 100K if not more. God only knows what Act II could have been like

  • SforMusic

    The thing with Elect is there is still a demand for him but he wont be ahead of his time cos most ppl re on a boom-bap wave now, Papoose is a different story cos his sound aint that popular anymore

  • SforMusic

    Elect is in better position to release his album right now compared to Papoose

  • marty mcfly

    I dont know, maybe its not Jay Elec or the fans. Maybe its just the minds of people in the game and the politics of the situation. There is a list of MCs out there that were super talented but when it came time to drop an official album something just happened and it just never came to be. I think Jay Elec could come out whenever he wants and it would make some kinda impact because as an artist he's not gonna just lose his skills all of a sudden but I think sometimes people in the game are not mentally ready or creatively able to handle an artist that pushes extreme lyricism. It could also be that the people on his team are too ambitious, meaning that they try to strategize ways to put out an album thats gonna be larger then life. Well sometimes thats not possible because some things cant be forced. Roc Nation just need to shoot one video and then put the album out and let the chips fall where they may. I think the difference between Jay Elec and Papoose is alot of people didnt even know who Papoose was when he was hot and thats cause being hot in New York city doesn't really mean your hot everywhere and on top of that Papoose was getting hot when 50 Cent and the G Unit, Dipset and Kanye were hot and its kinda hard to get hot during the years 50 Cent was dominating. I dont know, I hope Jay Elec comes out but they gotta just pull the trigger on that album already in order for things to work out for him.

  • Ant

    People always say that if they win the lottery, the first thing they'll do is quit their job. Well, that's exactly what this guy did. Mr. Rothchild ain't hungry.


    Lmao, yes @SforMusic

  • marty mcfly

    I think Jay Elec was rich before he met her so I dont think its a money thing. Now he might be spending billionaire dollars now but thats not an excuse to not put out an album. Matter fact thats just more of a reason to drop the album imo. Phonte - "niggas calling themselves gods with white girls named Katelyn" LOL that line is just funny now

  • SforMusic

    Jay Elec was rapper right, now he is high society rich, artists with high society wealth tend to do whatever they want ask Dash Snow

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  • DayO

    @marty mcfly LMFAOOOOO

    oh shit i gotta listen to that song now... is that "yo yo" ?

  • doc rovers

    ironic how on the bottom of the cover, the website this is from is "no-buzz.net"....

  • Juicy-G

    rhh did something like this before but I'll check this one out as well

  • Isaac Casanova

    Heard all of these tracks twice over... sick and tired of waiting.

  • kingtut

    damn this shit wont download

  • grapedrank

    nobody gives a fuck anymore. even if act 2 does come out i'm not listening.

  • jayFan

    you need to re-up this, your account is out of bandwith.

    yo i need this in my life

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    Its out of bandwidth...someone save me

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    Its out of bandwidth, damn, we got a problem!!!

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    Working download link, click on my name

  • https://www.box.com/s/n3ht39rauc3f5kmnq0x6 RyanB

    Working download link, click on my name, this one, lol

  • RO

    alt link?

  • marty mcfly

    On the real, I wish Jay Elect would put that big black salami in my turd cutter. J. Cole > Jay Electronica, Ke$ha > J. Cole, Ke$ha = Greatest of All Time!

  • Obi Juan

    i love Jay E but i'm thumbs downing everything that isn't new music from him....

  • CallinYouOut

    Thats cause your a bitch Obi Juan. Ya'll all a bunch of bitches, complaining like little girls, hating on one of the illest to ever touch the microphone. Perspective: Nas had only 56 solo tracks out after 9 years in the game. Jay Elect got that many after 6 years in the game.

  • skeeter

    @callinYouOut.. that is a good point, but you also have to consider the fact that the music industry today is not what it used to be. to me, it seems like you just have to work harder to stay relevant.

    huge jay elec fan, btw.


    Album or no album, Jay Electronica is the greatest MC of all time.