Locksmith – Fleming Street (Video)

blame it on Meka May 20, 2013

Since the murder of my cousin, I had been searching for the right way to properly express my grief. This song and video is dedicated to his mom (may she rest in peace) and any one who has lost someone to violence.

Locksmith’s The Green Box is out now.

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  • swageezy

    wow, this shit is deep. ive been browsing through Locksmith’s catalog every now and then but i’ll definitely check for him more after this. great track

  • c

    I love Lock but this sounded like a J.cole sound. Still dope though, BAYAREA!!!

  • c


  • WTF?

    ^how does this sound anything like j.cole? just because he’s talking about some deep shit??

  • truth

    great story telling, good lyricist..this dude is over looked

  • c

    @WTF? no it’s him singing on the hook like j.cole that really sounds similar and the piano riff on the beat as well. It’s not a bad thing, but when I heard the hook, that was my first thought. Great song though.