Undefined - Broken 40 Bottles f. Brown Bag AllStars

The producer will drop his EP Certified-A-Side, sometime this summer. For the first offering he grabs a few familiar faces to rock over his signature sound.

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  • HipHopGuy

    Undefined is a beast!! always good to hear from brown bag too

  • Ramon

    BBAS never disappoints. Been a fan since 2009

  • fckn bangin...this is hiphop at its truest form...not your norm Wicked Syndicate on thew swarm bewarned..peace my man...Donny fronm WS...2013..Undefined Killn it as alwayz...

  • Brown Bag>>>>>>>>

  • street_life

    This is that raw shit the world needs to hear!

  • boogeyman

    Undefined Beats! Rock that shit homie

  • The_surgical_1

    Toastin up wit all this brown liquor..DOPE.

  • RJ_2

    BROWN BAG!!!!!

  • monsta_man_3000

    nice start to the ep, def gonna be copping this one.

  • Pillz808


  • miclangelo

    Damn4Real..this iz maddope...nuffrespect..one


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