Wale – LoveHate Thing

blame it on the intern May 20, 2013

The MMG rapper releases his second single from his upcoming album, The Gifted which drops on June 25. UPDATE: CDQ.

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  • HipHopHead

    Thanks God for Young Olu

  • Yupperz

    this fresh.

  • Mr. Hip-Hop


  • BounceB

    kinda dope

  • Mike Tomlin

    Wales back in his lane! LOVE this song, MoCo/PG stand up!!!

  • andOneill

    Fresh is right..!!! love Wale man, glad to hear some smooth shit like this. good vibes.. not that whack MMG, lex luger trash.

  • HolyNoWuff

    “If his whole album has this vibe, we shall forgive him for all his MMG discretions.”

    -Book of Yeezus

  • adi Pre

    Wow, shit is dope, this is the Wale we want to hear.

  • cam

    Wow. Might have to actually buy his album. Was a huge Wale fan. He mad me step back a little bit with Ambition, but I’m really liking this. Reminds me of why I started to like him in the first place. #TheGifted

  • justafan

    This song goes. Dope.

  • Fureal

    GOD DAMN. I’m bias as a huge Wale fan.. This song is crazy though right?? Can’t stop playing it.

  • Yaki

    OMG. This sample though.

  • @HolyNoWuff thank you

    I was a huge Wale fan for years, and then he signed to MMG and I tried to listen but he made me feel disappointed and abandoned. His sound hasn’t been the same ever sense Officer Ross popularized him.

    Wale’s coming back to his soulful roots. He’s sticking to that R&B vibe too and that’s dope. Wale needs to have his own direction. I have a slight hope now, but I’m sure he will eventually release some other trash like BAIT.

  • realtalk™

    2 for 2.. guess Wale is back to his roots instead of the MMG signature sound crap

  • swageezy

    ^ yea speaking of what happened to that “signature sound” from Ross where he would actually rap over just dope justice league beats. If MMG still fucked with those beats at least they would APPEAR to be alright

  • Meek Mill

    shut the fuck up and enjoy the music!

  • MusicHead

    Bait is closer to Go-Go then MMG trap beats tho… FOH! Y’all niggas stay throwin shade at MMG knowing y’all bob y’all heads to songs like BMF, MC Hammer & all those trap beat songs lol & Bait was cold, btw.

  • BlackBerry Z10

    This shxt cold! Wale finally grasping the balance. The Gifted!

  • Cam Newton

    Fucking dope!
    hope the whole album will be this smooth

  • MMG coming up. just gotta get out of each other’s lane

    Thanks Ross for letting Wale do his thing. I think the fans will soon find out that Ross isn’t this dumbass they’ve made him out to be. dude is a mastermind

  • FAP93

    DOPE. Was a huge fan until like 2 years ago when he drifted out his lane. I hope the dude blows and sells a billion records and shit, but wish he did it without selling out