Introducing The New Xbox… (Live Stream)

blame it on Meka May 21, 2013

After eight years, Bill Gates’ cash cow is getting an upgrade, and they’re debuting it worldwide on the Internets. Head here to watch the stream in its entirety if you’re not watching it on the XBox 360’s live stream.

  • Justin

    School has this blocked, can somebody give the details in the comments

  • Shane

    So far it’s called Xbox One. It’s got voice commands and live tv

  • Justin

    ^Alright, thanks

  • beyenesausage

    TrenchCrunch.com has a liveblog going!

  • Looks awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest of the features at E3.

  • Frost

    its a cable box that looks like a vcr…

    PS4 ftw…

  • Chris

    can you tell me what the ps4 looks like?

  • eatshit

    It looks like me watching the porn I made with your mom taking it up the ass. Lovely sight.

    Xbox one is such a dumbass name. Plus it’s weaker than the ps4 and it showed no gameplay. Fucking tv services that I’m already paying for and they want me to pay them in order to use those services with kinect? fuck outta here. Then they want you to buy a new device(on top of the console price) in order to use these functions. It’s going to flop so hard.