Who Will Release the Best Album on June 18th?

blame it on Shake May 21, 2013

When J. Cole dropped his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story back in September of 2011 he shared the release-date with the likes of Phonte, 9th Wonder, Evidence and more. Flash forward to 2013 and Cole is in a similar situation. Only this time the “competition” is Mac Miller, Statik Selektah and that one guy from Chicago. There are no worries coming from the North Carolina emcee though as he’s confident in the work he put in for the album.

The question is for y’all though: With Kanye West’s Yeezus, J. Cole’s Born Sinner, Statik Selektah’s Extended Play and Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off all scheduled to drop on June 18th, who will have the best album? And no… we’re not talking sales here, we’re talking quality music!

  • moneyjune


  • Debo


  • STC

    Is this really a question?

  • Doris

    1. Kanye
    2. J. Cole
    3. Statik
    4. Quasimoto
    5. Mac

    Simple as that.

  • byou


  • simp

    Young Mac Meezy!!

  • Velimir

    So far, it’s Statik, then Cole. Can’t bet against Kanye, mather of fact I want it to be Kanye.

  • Of course it’s Yeezy!! Mac’s album should be dope, too, especially since he’s going in a new direction musically. Cole’s still a dope lyricist but he doesn’t have that hunger in his voice anymore. He’s almost starting to get boring.. The album should be dope though..

  • ewalk


  • Yeezy

  • reem

    Yeezy nigga

  • Trey


  • boi

    Kanye West

  • ye’

  • Vonte

    honestly . . .

    1. Ye
    2. Cole
    3. Mac
    4. Statik

  • j

    coley cole

  • stop

    Kanye West.

  • dave

    kanye west easy.the thing people got to realize is everybody thats a mac miller,j.cole fan are also a big time kanye fan.but not every kanye fan is a fan of them two kanye has fans of all types white blacks,afghanis,Australians.mac and j.cole only cover a certain

  • G $

    STATIK SELEKTAH…I’m HUGE fan of KANYE’s older material, but his new shit doesn’t move me…STATIK SELEKTAH for the “best” album (not most units sold…who cares?).

  • yourmommasvajj

    lol at fags that said mac miller

  • KGG

    Cole all day. He played it safe with the debut but he has more freedom than ever. Power Trip and Miss America are dope and Truly Yours 1 and 2 are THROWAWAYS. It will be the RAOTY…

  • Mac


  • Billy

    You’re a hater or an idiot if you don’t think its Kanye

  • Slaughterhouse

    I honestly think it might be J. Cole. He’s been on fire as of late. I didn’t fuck with ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story’ that much (put me to sleep) but I think this might be one of the rare instances that the sophomore album is better than the first album.

  • JHP

    Kanye then Cole most definitely. Those are the only albums I’m checking for anyway, I’ll be buying both of them that day. I’ll listen to Cole’s first just because Cole said he doesn’t want “Born Sinner” to be the afterthought.

  • Truth


  • Miso

    Shake throwing questions at ME, Shake know that niggas can’t READ!

  • Justin

    1. Kanye
    2. Mac (He’s getting better)
    3. Cole (Music kinda boring)
    4. Statik (Not a huge fan of most features)

  • T9FTW

    Why do people Mac Miller will have better album than Statik Selektah?

  • Mike

    Statik Selektah

    You guys will be surprised if you give it a chance.

    Then again, Ye & Cole should both deliver…

  • Justin

    Definitely buying all of these though

  • some dude

    ye #1 (most ppl would agree but im also a ye stan). i’m gonna say something and risky and put mac over cole. mac’s been sounding pretty nice lately. imo his new stuff is better than cole’s new stuff, although cole’s ‘new stuff’ is just throwaway stuff so we’ll see. statiks tape will have some nice songs but it’s not gonna be anything revolutionary.

  • Tto

    Statik Selektah

  • DesignMongrel

    1. J. Cole
    2. Statik/Ye
    4. Mac Miller

    Considering Statik is a producer, his beats alone outshine some of Mac’s best stuff; Miller get’s carried way too much by the beat. Yeezus is another experimental album in the realms of 808’s & Heartbreaks, which I kind of enjoyed but got tired of soon. Cole has had better intentions with his music lately, so I’m hoping the quality that of his ep’s reverberates through to this album.

  • Ol’Greg

    Whoever said if it a fan of Mac/cole your a fan of kanye is a dumbass….ass I like both Mac and cole but don’t like kanye at all..I respect what he’s done just not a fan..never have been never will be.

  • FAP93

    Statik!! That shit is going to be fire for us old man 80s baby heads. Ye might be dope or it might be garbage. Who the fuck is checking for those other 2?

  • Grizzy

    1. Statik Selektah
    2. Kanye West
    3. J. Cole
    4. Mac Miller

  • BBoggz

    Because people expect so much out of kanye. His album won’t live up to the hype. So I’m going to say that born sinner will be the best album.

  • And 1

    Kanye or Statik, I just wish Kanye wasn’t naming his album such a fucking stupid blasphemous shit name.

  • triPAUD

    kanye west. j. cole is dope, but kanye has delivered and he’s more consistent.

  • marty mcfly

    Statik got some dope joints on the sampler but I gotta question. Which album is most likely to make you go to sleep when you hear it? The cure for Insomnia, what album is mostly that? LOL

  • music junkie

    1. J.Cole/Kanye West – I fucks with Kanye & Cole. You cant really tell where kanye is going with this album but we know its experimental Ye’ I feel like it could be really great or just some average shit but im looking at the upside. And I just expect Cole to come back harder cause his first album was ehh but I dont think Born Sinner is going to be as good as everybody expects tho

    Mac Miller – I just started getting into Mac about a year ago and his new stuff is an improvement from previous work. I put it second cause I just really thought the artwork was gay(I know that doesnt matter but still..) and the second single was ehh to me and SDS was ight.

    Statik Selektah – I fucks with Statik but compilation projects just aren’t my thing. If it was Statik and just another artist than he’d be up there. I’m expecting it to the project to be solid though.

  • yo

    Statik Selektah

  • Match

    1. Cole
    2. Kanye
    3. Statik
    4. Mac Miller

  • mR



  • Yeezus

    Is this even up for discussion?

  • Kanye West with out any doubts.J. Cole is a great rapper, but album wise he doesn’t really create anything but a collection of music, maybe all being topic related. Mac Miller, people say he’s getting better, but his music isn’t anything incredible. It’s a bit expressive, but really, what does he have to say that’s so capturing? Statik is dope when it comes to the boards. I’m not sure how to review a compilation album though, I’d have to judge it by each individual track. So yeah, I’m 100% sure Kanye will release the most solid album June 18th. I’m predicting it will be substantial, heartfelt, aggressive, and have a capturing undertone story like Kanye albums seem to have. My opinion.

  • mjd

    Mac, Cole, Yeezy, Statik

  • who cares

    Not looking forward to any of them.
    Mac = trash
    Cole = trash
    Kanye = fell off
    Statick = bunch of bullshit guests

  • DoubleClutch95

    Ye all day!

    I’m mean let’s be real, when has Kanye release a weak album?

    I think Cole’s album will be great too, but my money is on Ye.

  • Sladewilson

    Yeezy, Cole, Statik

  • mazoomy

    Statik will have the best album by far.

  • killdillvol_2

    can i just get that Q album already?

  • Ric Flair Nigga!

    DON’T MATTER! Pusha album gone be the best all year, Fuck June 18!

    MNIMN >>>>>>>>>

  • JCamp32

    Ye of course!

  • BigReese

    Kanye’s body of work is beyond reproach. Rare case of a rapper going outside the norm and expanding his craft. I am just super hyped for June 18th, gonna pick up all my summer music in one day. Think the fans are the winners here.

  • DatGuy

    Hell Yea!! I fuck wit these niggas, but OxyMoron>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Bigg El Dogg

    Preach on the Oxymoron post, those cats are scorching hot. If they are for real coming out with a new project that day that’s number one to me.

    J. Cole (Based on the last EP, J. Cole’s sophomore album is gonna be cold as hell. No sophomore slump here…)
    Statik (yeah it’s a bunch of features, but he’s a fuckin DJ you retards. The songs he let leak so far are very hot)
    Yeezy (Yeezy’s shit is gonna be on some exprimental sounds shit, I like the New Slaves joint but I’m real iffy. My black ass is still gonna buy it though lol)
    Mac (eeeh)
    Quazimoto (weird but will be worth a couple of itunes loosie downloads)

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  • marijuana hydro

    i hope that cole and ye kill it (and think they will), would be pleasantly surprised if mac gets him one, statik gonna make a dope album but hard to compare to the other artists bc multiple rappers. gonna be a dope summer for hip hop imo no matter what

  • Why are we fighting over who’s album will be better? If you look at the bigger picture this is a great win for hip-hop.

  • $$$

    J. Cole – Born Sinner Tracklist:
    1. Sintro
    2. Power Trip (Ft. Miguel)
    3. Born Sinner
    4. Don’t Forget
    5. Heaven or Hell
    6. Better Days
    7. Untamed (Ft. Wale & The Game)
    8. Temptation (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)
    9. Mile Long Road
    10. Dollar and a Dream IV
    11. Confessions
    12. Deadly 7’s (Ft. Nas)
    13. Henny and Ice
    14. All Glory
    [Bonus Tracks[
    15. Miss America
    16. NC Mind (Ft. Omen)

  • Sahil Datta

    Kanyes will have great production, obviously. But I’m more interested in listening to Born Sinner and Watching Movies With the Sound Off. Hopefully all these projects are good but I think Mac Miller might take this one.

  • KING

    Cole bro. You niggas overrate Ye these days. Dudes too busy being a narcissistic faggot

  • Master Lee

    Kanye or Cole.

  • Sammy

    Born Sinner Vs Yeezus. Born Sinner is the safe pick since we all know what Cole has in store for us. The SNL songs off Yeezus are decent but very experimental. Yeezus could be the best album of the year or the most disappointing.

    On a side note, Watching Movies With The Sound Off could be the biggest surprise album of the year. Blue Slide Park was horrid, but Macadelic was one of the better mixtapes last year. It’s my sleeper pick for June 18th since Yeezus is a big question mark at this point.

  • marty mcfly

    Some of you sound like you knocking Kanye for being “experimental”. So would you rather him make the same shit he did last year again? Why. Would it be better if you made Mercy, Dont Like remix and Birthday again? Of course Kanye’s solo album is gonna be going in a different direction cause thats what he always does so thats not really a negative. You making sound like since Cole is not gonna do anything new or “experimental” that its some how better and some of you even calling his EPs “throwaway” material. Throwaway doesn’t really sound like a good thing to me.

  • Norris Cole

    Damn this guy ^ has no life

  • b ali

    Ill download all of them n decide after I give them a listen. Like a normal person

  • #Coleworld

    1. Cole World
    2. Kanye West
    3. Mac Miller
    4. Static

  • cray

    Its not even close. Cole gonna shit on these muthafuckas. Kanye went emo, mac is fuckin wack, and statik aint got nothing on Cole. King Cole gonna take his rightful place at the throne.

  • da truth

    if you actually think mac miller’s album will be the best than chop your dick off and return it to your local hospital.

  • owl pharaoh

    owl pharaoh

  • b

    ok ye’s album is going to be innovative and a standout out of all those, j cole gonna come hard with this album with that raw hip hop, mac miller album will be fresh but content wise im sure we all know what he gonna rap about, statiks production will be dope as always but he aint a rapper so depends if they will do justice to his beats, i think cole should have the best because thats the one i wanna hear the most

  • matt

    Quasimoto droppin june 18 too Shake

  • brian

    Clown question, what a low grade conversation starter. 2dbz must be thirsty for comments, so I’m doing my part.


    Ye Mac The Cole! Cole Boring as Shit! his last album was Boo Boo! Cole Should be a Def Jam Poet he dont need beats behing his boring delivery and flow! and im sure everyone reading this comment hate me!! its ok Though!!

  • I hate Gay People

    Between J.Cole & Mac Miller think Cole might edge, you’re hyping Kanye too much and ur gonna be dissapointed when it sucks

  • trufax

    I might surprise you, but it might even be Mac, and I don’t even like his music, but the kid released some dope music lately and u can’t deny that, Statik gon be dope too… J. Cole … average and Kanye is too

  • malte

    Kanye’s been dropping hot Albums for the last few years. You get used to his Sound though, lately. So it’s going to be Statik if the features fit

  • Den

    Statik by far!

  • yeah


  • illmatic27

    i think everybody gonna rock that kanye yezus, apart from some freaks that been her from day one, we gonna listen more cole)))

  • SamuelGard

    Quasimoto’s is the most exiting, then id go Kanye, Mac, Static, J.Cole. Mac is gonna suprise everyone + he’s been making some hard beats as Larry recently and Static just for te Flatbush Zombie x Smiff-N-Wessun joint.

  • SamuelGard

    & if you dont think its gonna be Lord Quas just listen to the snippet of him switching up JFK to LAX..

  • Timbo

    Yeezus, but don’t sleep on Deniro Farrar releasing his “Patriarch 2” on the same day.

  • illmatic27

    Quasimoto was leaked, like 2 or 3 weeks ago……

  • nate


  • Omar

    Yeezy knows music better than all of them. That being said, if he is going to try another experimental album like 808 and hearbreaks, which i hated, then I am going to say J. Cole will have the best project. He is one of the most consistent rappers in the game in terms of quality and lyrics. Im gonna say J. Cole, Yeezy, Statik, and Mac (just because I have to).

  • tylerro

    after reading all the comments i respect everyone’s opinions. I think ye’s new album will be very anticipated and should deliver. Based on what cole’s singles have been like, his album will be very dope. And mac is my favorite rapper but yall are all right, he doesn’t really talk about anything moving. I like statik to. It’ll be a great summer for sure!

  • ray

    it’s hat to choose but Im puttin Mac n J cole up top n yeezy second.. faggots
    niggas stay hatin Mac when he makes the best songs n is nice as fuck stop hatin
    n I never know what to expect from yay hope it’s dope

  • JWill

    Kanye, period.

  • GiveItUpAlready

    This shit is stupid as fuck. Let’s ask people who will have the BEST ALBUM despite the fact no one has heard any of them end to end, purely based on fanboy steez. FOH. I don’t know what’s worse…the post or the people commenting like they know something.

  • Stop blogging and just wait till the albums come out… Peace.

  • MusicHead

    Ye & Mac Miller 2nd.. J Cole is ass & 0 music progression.

  • j

    better question, who will be first to push back their release date

  • BadCharacter

    Dont Forget Quasimoto!!!

  • joe

    i dont want to pick….



    “Black skinhead” by kanye west confused me

  • JPM

    I hope Ye and Cole tie for 1st

  • The Truth

    All you faggot ass, upper class, white kids need to take that Whack Miller shit back to the burbs and kill yourself, you’re destroying hip hop with your retard rap.

  • Read a book

    “Best” is an opinion and opinions are subjective, so there really ain’t no right answer. If we’re talking record sales though, Kanye will most likely kill shit. Only really looking forward to the J. Cole album though personally.

  • Robenum

    I dont but I’m gettin all them joints.

  • SonictheHogans

    Anything that has J. Cole’s name in the headline on here..you can expect Marty mcfly to have some hating ass comment in the comment section..it’s a 100 percent guaranteed

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ I think Cole got like 21 songs on his album. That nigga tryna throw everything plus the kitchen sink on the album hoping something sticks LOL.

  • ^^ and there it go @sonicthehogans lmao

  • steal


  • HaHa!!!

    lol NONE of them.

  • jayjo

    lol all these yeezy dickriders. Have you SEEN that extended play tracklist yet??
    As for cole I hope its better than sideline story
    Mac Miller shouldn’t do too bad, been feeling a lot of his productions lately same with cole

  • LMK!

    1. Yeezy
    2. Cole
    3. Statik
    4. Mac’n’cheese

  • gregory kruxx.

    Cole (jus caus I didnt like the first album, so he gota impress me)

  • JADAKISS by far…top 5 dead or alive!!!….interested in hearing what Fab’s album gona be like too.hope Jay drop too tho

  • diesel

    mac’s will be the dopest, then J Cole and Statik.. fuck Kanye’s new shit he’s whack now

  • jiz

    Y’all REALLY think Ye’s album gon drop? haha. See you in November. That’s my bet.

  • honestly all of the artists have put out impressive music coming from their albums. I personally think the order will be 1. J Cole 2. Kanye 3. Mac … but ALL albums will be great!

  • Kahlil

    Lord Quas nuff said

  • dagel

    did you guys hear kanye’s 2 new songs? fucking garbage. yes, he will outsell everyone by an ocean, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the best. j cole > kanye > statik > mac.

    end of convo ya’ll can stfu now.

  • William Edward

    j cole sucks, sorry to throw some hate on the web but i used to be one of his biggest fans so I CAN! Hes a fag and doesnt do shit for his fans. hope his album flops. I hope ScHoolboyQ drops OxyMoron on the 18th just to shit on all em. Cali rap bringing hip hop back #TDE

  • D39

    I’m always rootin’ for Cole. Kanye’s material has been up & down since his mother’s passing. Whereas before she died, all of his shit was far on top of anyone else. So I predict Cole outselling Kanye. I see the other artists coming in just short of them two.