What kinda nigga's home town is vegas? Shake what was your mom's occupation, b?

  • griberghh

    DAMN kednrick went crazy with these voice changes

  • silence

    Not a single cali date wtf? That list aint finished yet. They need to stop playing and come to the fox in oakland.

  • TopDawgSoldier

    Phuck wac miller! cant believe co signs that chump.

    TDE overall

  • Raw hemp papes

    how can they not come to cali tho? wtf?

  • Bummish

    I went to the Vegas show and it was horrible. Kendrick played like 7 songs and by TDE who are you talkin about cuz there was only Jay Rock and Kendrick... I think they had their homies play random songs by different artist at one point. Waackkkk

  • Danielle

    Someone wanna tell me why the fuck soul and Q weren't there? I'm pissed. I came to see them tonight