Random Acts Of F*ckery: PHCMB Edition

blame it on Meka May 22, 2013

And then this shit flies across my timeline…

Paris Hilton has found a new home, and some of her roommates include Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj. The heiress/singer/”Bling Ring” actress has reportedly signed with Cash Money Records.

Hilton broke the news to Showbiz 411, adding that she hopes to have her follow-up to 2006’s self-titled debut out by summer. She added it will feature a number of hip-hop acts, including Weezy, and production from EDM superstar Afrojack. “This is a lot different than my first album,” Paris told the site. “It’s really going to be house music.” – MTV

This was later confirmed by good ol’ ‘Shit later…

What’s she signed as, the resident smut bucket? I can’t.

  • hahahahahaah

    Fuck Young Money

  • what

    these mothafuckas have no self respect smh

  • SMH

    Why is Drake still with these clowns?

  • SarcasticAsFuck

    Yoooo this is hype yo! Limp Bizkit, dat new Paris Hilton AND let’s not forget Lil Wayne’s love song album “Devol”! AND DRIZZY IN BIG TYMERS! YO YMCMB bout to take over word bond!


  • Swaggycyrus

    Cant wait. you guys just haters. paris is shaping up to be the next whitney and you haters just cant stand it.

  • memary&him

    This is so discouraging to any artist who actually has talent. Smh Niggas real live living by C.R.E.A.M. philosophy.

  • Jordan

    As despicable as this is, let’s not forget that Roc Nation & Jay Z signed Willow Smith.

  • who cares

    And this is why this group/company/label is a joke.

  • chea!

    man…they got this bitch and that chick on the rob dydrek show put on? ymcmb is done da da. finito. over with.

  • you guys used to be cool

    people doing business and its a RAOF? you guys changed man. these posts used to be funny. this type of business is an Act of Fuckery? I don’t mind you guys being yourselves on your own site but I remember when Meka used to chill on this type of shit and Shake was the edgy one. now it switched but Meka ain’t edgy. he’s been posting some dumb ignorant stuff recently. Hope he can get out of his shell of looking down on people. other people’s opinion ain’t a reason to change. its an excuse.

  • qw


  • Why Doesn’t Drake Leave YM Already so it can Crumble like the USSR?

  • smitty

    Shoutouts to Drake. We all know they’re about to force him to drop a verse for a clearly shitty Paris Hilton single.

  • This is a Random Act of Fuckery and don’t try to defend this. What do you have to say about all of the kids who study music, go to college for music and take the arts seriously? What about all the true talented musicians who learn the ins and outs of instruments, composition, etc. This is all about money, and it’s a fucking joke.

  • Milwaukee Made Me

    PH ain’t the only white girl on the YMCMB roster, he also signed Chanel West Coast, yes, the dumb blonde from Ridiculousness on MTV. Wayne and Baby sure do have an eye for talent, speaking of talent, that Cory Gunz album should be coming out any day now right?

  • lol at that shit. dont ever bring school as an argument in a music blog

    “go to college for music and take the arts seriously”
    unless you’re in an orchestra or are taking music business, there’s no reason for anybody to be taking college for music. you think record execs or anybody else gives a shit about your degree in music?

  • killyaself

    why is it about money at all when we’re talking about Paris Hilton or Chanel for that matter? they ain’t broke, kid.

  • Hmm

    A pop artist going to the most pop label in hip hop. Makes sense actually

  • Ryan G

    This bitch said shes gonna be doing house music, come on really? she aint no DJ.

  • Cloud 9

    That’s what Paris Hilton is famous for? Making music? All this time I thought she was just a rich groupie lol

  • If you can’t see that this is about the money, blatant marketing, handshakes, contracts and deals; then what do you think this is about, the music? You think anyone who studies and takes the art of music seriously gives a fuck about record execs? There are people who have been putting years into their craft, learning live instruments, studying the history of music, actually understanding music theory and able to improvise, compose, arrange, etc. Then there are people who just have resources and want to jump in a scene. What’s she going to do, sing someone else’s pre-written lyrics in auto-tune? This is just blatant celebrity marketing, and only fools will buy it.

  • killyaself

    only fools make judgements of somebody they haven’t met. keep telling yourself you know anybody.

  • kamu

    Like I said on the big tymers post. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM A COTTON PICKING NIGGA.

  • dirk

    B_Lett is right. YM is a muthafuckin joke.

  • poopoohead

    I didn’t know Hitler. Am I a fool for thinking he was a douche?

  • killyaself (really)

    IMO yes. you’re a fool for saying that.
    as hard as it is for your dumbass to believe and as unpopular of a statement as this may be, you have no right to judge him. you can say all you want. just know that all the little shit you learned on the internet and in the 6th grade about him doesn’t amount to shit compared to being involved in it. and even than nobody had the right.
    I wouldn’t expect a regular person to comprehend this. especially somebody as judgmental as you. I only expect those who both know and understand people to get this.
    Emotional shit like referring to somebody as a “douche” has no place in the construction of society.

  • Putting your name as killyaself has no place in the construction of a decent society. Gtfo.

  • HaHa!!!

    The talentless leading the truly talentless, fuck those ugly ass Young Money gimps.

  • HaHa!!!

    I’ll be that whore has given up her nasty, foul smelling cooch to those ugly fucks as well.