Denitia & Sene - the nude.

As if their debut album his and hers wasn't enough, Denitia and Sene return with another mood-setting single. Take a listen below and hit iTunes for a download.

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  • trufax

    it's dope, but idk where sene is going with this

  • Question

    Is Sene gay?

  • Charles

    Man, him and Denitia are putting in work with this R&B! I haven't heard a bad track from the two yet. Lol! Sene isn't gay, That nigga is just probably dressing up for an image with this R&B shit.

  • The Song is d.a.f. It's pretty refreshing that his rap shit is gritty and his side projects like this with this chick is it's own separate thing. Kudos for the courage. I still want a rap record from him but I'd be lying if I said I was not feeling this. One of my favorite songs
    From Sene is Won Thousand Girls with BLU so I put my money on he like pussy. SMH haters.

  • Sharkzulito

    If anything he's smanging them Denetia buns. Lol.


Freeway - "Primates"

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The LOX - "Feel My Pain" f. Rick Ross

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