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  • the realest

    “If you got kilt [sic] would you know you got kilt?” Rappers really need to learn how to pronounce the word “killed.”

    ^ are you serious? get these corny ass niggaz out of hiphop. this nigga really said we need to pronounce our words correctly. you serious? hiphop is built on slang and mispronunciations.

  • Christy Smith

    Oh I know they say "KILT" then that means the the word KILLED is something the bagpipers wear. they wear a KILLED, and when you are murdered you are KILT, so I'm glad that I learnT this today. I'll AXE you a question later, i haf to go, Oh he just said that "DEAF" was all around him, so DEATH means that you can't hear, and DEAF means You die. I got it, wow, I haf been sayin all these words wrong. shoooot.