• Danielle

    Again where the fuck were soul and Q at the Vegas shoe?
    For being the opening show, it fucking sucked. It not a TDE show without them

  • dboss

    This might have been touched on previously, so sorry if so, but what role do Rock, Q & Soul have in the show? I've already seen Kendrick live, but would definitely like to see the three others.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^ everyone has their own solo sets before kendrick. health issues and legal problems forced Q and soul out of this show sadly.

  • Wanzie

    Yo but why did they have random ass dudes singing songs by different artists. I heard rick ross, 2chainz that fucking harlem shake bullshit. it was wack

  • Unhappy

    kendrick had the same setlist the last time he was here, only cool part about this shit was that i saw Shake up top and Ali played Work

  • mike

    What kind of health issues and legal problems force half of your crew to not be able to perform...?

  • FreshSuo

    The show was a FAIL for the opening date IMO. Don't get me wrong Rock and K.Dot were dope per the usual but without Q (got kicked off Cosmo property for blowing that good) and Soul (JEye problems/Migraines) WHY oh Why did Kid Ink perform ? I was laughing at one point. TDE all day regardless... It felt like a club for a while and I wish Kendrick would've mixed his set up a little more than his last show.