Random Acts Of F*ckery: No Love At The Strip Club Edition

blame it on Meka May 23, 2013

For those going to a nudie bar this Memorial Day weekend, I implore you all to be easy…

Police in Philadelphia are hoping that video of a man shooting up a strip club with an AK-47 assault rifle over a DJ’s song selection will lead to his arrest.

Investigators on Wednesday said that 21-year-old Henry Pettigrew was being sought for the May 11th shooting at Purple Orchid Gentleman’s Club.

Police said that bouncers at the club tried to remove him after he became angry because the DJ would not play his favorite song.

The real question is, what was the song he requested? Any guesses?

  • realness

    what is this? world star? post hip hop, not stupid shit

  • This fool is stupid as fuck!!!! Pendejo!!

  • STC

    AK’s A Make Her Dance. This guy makes me real proud to be a Philadelphian.

  • haze

    he requested bandz and niggas was like na lmao

  • Billy

    Damn at least he wasn’t all talk and about that life

  • skiler415

    @ Billy….really you dumbass

  • lol

  • Billy

    @skiler415 You sound upset my friend.

  • nito

    He was probably like “Yo let me get a drop?” and when the dude said no he flipped.

  • Kev White

    He requested that Jesus of Swaggerath’s ” Im a F*ck the Whole Summer Up!!”,lol

  • Henry Pettigrew

    Ain’t nothin to it, hip hop made me do it. Well, it didn’t make me do it, but as my gospel it told me to keep it 100…and I did.

  • T9FTW

    T.I. & Young Jeezy’s “Fxck the City Up”, perhaps?

  • fuckeryjonezzz

    Bandz will make her dance, ak’s will make em duck. stop snitching.

  • Ace

    He just wanted a little macaroni time.