Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off (Tracklist)

blame it on Illy May 25, 2013

ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Action Bronson, and more will join Mac Miller on his upcoming album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, slated to arrive on store shelves June 18. The 19-track songlist after the jump.

01. The Star Room
02. Avian
03. I’m Not Real f. Earl Sweatshirt
04. S.D.S.
05. Bird Call
06. Matches f. Ab-Soul
07. I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time) f. Niki Randa
08. Objects In the Mirror
09. Red Dot Music f. Action Bronson
10. Gees f. ScHoolboy Q
11. Watching Movies
12. Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes
13. Remember
14. Someone Like You
15. Aquarium
16. Youforia
17. Goosebumpz [Bonus]
18. O.K. f. Tyler, The Creator
19. Claymation

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  • wat

    18. O.K. f. Tyler, The Creator

    Starting to get lenient with the OF beef I see!

  • I like the fact that he put “Someone Like You” on there. That’s a chill track. Especially for an album.

  • blair

    nigga got a jay elec feature… whaaaaat

  • some dude

    this dude really has jay elecrtonica on his album? i’m telling you, i wouldn’t be suprised if mac>cole on june 18. he’s been impressive on all his recent features, get ready yall.

  • Doris

    Odd Future, TDE, AND Jay Electronica??!!

    NOW you have my attention!

  • truth.

    I don’t think people have registered the fact that mac miller only embraced his pop-ish, teen-targeted music style because it sold records and put him on… now, after he took on the opportunities handed to him, he’s finally began to find himself and make the REAL music that he wants to make. Check out everything he has done under his alias’s, and songs like Salamander (dropped on the Funk Master Flex mixtape), and you will see what I am saying! I hated this guy for all of his mainstream, hypebeast bullshit he put out, but now this guy is raw. This album will shock everyone.

  • Doris

    I’m actually surprised Shake took the time out to write the OF features.

  • blah blah blah

    just want to hear them LARRY ASSMAN beats, fuck his raps

  • nyc22

    Action and Jay Elec… 06-18 gonna be crazy

  • Geo

    Looks DOPE! I’m looking forward to this!

  • Yoyo

    As good as this album probably will get, it will flop hard. First week below 30k.

  • niiice

    beautifuuuuul! where’s the vinyl??????

  • adi Pre

    Fucking dope tracklist, first album was very good, good things good things.

  • realtalk™

    You stupid motherfuckers make me laugh.. none of you could look past his corny shit and see that Mac actually has talent and is a pretty damn dope artist when he wants to..

    Now he puts TDE, Action Bronson and Jay Elec on the album and all of a sudden he’s cool? Fuck outta here..

  • realtalk™

    The cover is still corny as shit tho.. I’m not big on shock value and I really don’t need a naked man in my itunes cover flow LMAO

  • Genesis

    Hyped…. This is what I expect from dudes that suck but don’t go away….. Progression….. He’s been impressive a lot lately…. We shall see whenever the leak arrives…..

  • Philly bash

    Already got me with the ab-soul feature but jay elect too smh mac might have a hit on release day I see why he’s confident

  • Me

    To the Mac Miller haters…take note of the people who fuck with this kid. Your favorite rappers whether they be commercial or underground hop on his tracks. I’m just saying.

  • not a hater just saying

    hmmm not bad & ^ theres a thing called being paid for their verses smh!

  • PRaliens

    yooo this is probably my most anticipated album of this year. Everything mac’s put out in the last year has been fire. and those features? real recognize real.

    anyone hear that track where he calls out his dumb ass fans for still wanting KIDS back? haa respec’ mon.

  • JML

    Big Mac Miller fan since Kids. Wasn’t impressed with BSP but I feel like this album will be his best work to date. Don’t sleep on how much Mac will sale first week. June 18th will be a legendary day for Hip-Hop!!!

  • DatGuy

    THe truth is Mac has progressed musically, and his sound is also different.. I still don’t fuck with a lot of his older stuff like I fuck with his new shit cause it’s different. Stop getting butthurt cause he’s getting new fans. I always thought he could rap, but his songs were much more immature than they are today…

  • Somebody do somethin!

  • JaySole

    Looks Dope. Cant wait

  • jack

    fuck with mac but i dont think he should have put chance the rapper on his tour. he should have chose someone like ab soul or stann smith to be a part of it but im still looking forward to getting a signed copy of watching movies with the sounds off when it releases

  • QZA

    Holy tits, Mac Miller.

  • Marsellus Wallace

    y’all fuck with mac now cause of a tracklist? y’all some hating trick ass bitches! and you don’t have an ear for talent you just gon dickride what everyone else does.

  • I will never understand why people dislike Mac miller so much, I can easily name two handfuls of artist that he’s better than.

  • classic

    this dude went wack after kids.even with the features it aint all that…niggas like “he got jay electronica” as if it matters. mac was sounding dope on KIDS and then everything was aimed for his skinny jean wearing swag fag fans after that. Hes not “raw” he just has dope beats. the bigger news here should be that shake actually mentioned OF in a post without making new names for em like flocka lol

  • lots of mac dickriders on here wow. i remember when the same kats was backing dude up a couple years ago in the c section cause nobody fucked with the dude at all. he still wack as fuck to me. niggas love seein other dudes naked. just for the album cover it gets a NOPE. was he trying to be different and branch off and be hip? it didnt work and hes still wack. he cant produce either. fuck whoever is still co signing the guy

  • Bigblack

    Wonder if Shake and dem will listen to the songs with OF members lol

  • obi juan

    Nice to see someone could pull jay out of hiding