Raekwon On Controversy Surrounding New Wu Album (Video)

blame it on JES7 May 25, 2013

Shallah sits down with Elite Daily for a three-part interview. In part one, he speaks on the new Wu album, and with it being the 20th anniversary, wants the album to be right or:

If it’s not gonna come out the way it need to come out? Don’t do it! Don’t fuck it up. Outside of it being a 20 year anniversary for Wu-Tang, it’s the 20 year anniversary for all of us individually.

A Better Tomorrow dropping later this year, Lord willin. Stay tuned for part two and three of this interview soon.

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    PLEASE get it together felas

  • Chitown hip hopper

    Tell Rza to get his ancient beat making machine… I don’t care if it’s analog, keep it simple. Get a shit load of drugs and lock all nine of them in a room. Get them all hyper on some old school sounding RZA beats and…… BAM a classic is made. That’s my word….

  • david

    @Chitown hip-hopper you underestimate RZA, 36 chambers sounded dusty as fuck, his production style’s progressed since then. Don’t get me wrong it’s a classic album but he’s better at producing now and most the group progressed lyrically, especially Meth who, according to RZA’s Facebook, has contributed the most verses so far

    • Skip Dillenger

      Nah. I agree with @Chicago Hip Hopper. I would like to hear The RZA re-introduce that production style at this time in music. I’m not for all the drugs and stuff but right now in Hip-Hop I think the artistic the music really lacks a sort of intelligent aggressiveness that the Wu had once provides in my days of youth.

  • marty mcfly

    Wu Tang doesn’t have to put all the production weight on the RZA. All the members could call on different producers that could make a sound influenced by the Wu legacy then they can come together and pick the best beats out the stash and then go from there. Rza can narrate the album and kick verses, he dont need to necessarily do the beats.

  • who cares

    I was just thinking about this the other day. It’s been six years since 8 Diagrams. SIX! That shit dropped when I was a freshman in high school. It’s time for a new crew album. Dope interview. Sounds like Rae has a good head on his shoulders and that’s nice in today’s Hip Hop where everyone wants to release as much music as possible regardless of the quality. I just hope that when this new album does get released that they don’t do it through Soul Temple. Their shit is a nightmare.

  • @who cares Word yo! Never ordering through them again. I’d rather go through the hassle of paying extra for it on Discogs or ebay. They need to get they shit together!

  • david

    @Marty RZA should definitely produce a handful of the tracks but you’re right about getting other producers on there. As long as the beats have that Wu feel it doesn’t matter who they get on there. Be ill to hear True Master on there. Mathematics too (album needs a ‘Fire Ina Hole’ type beat). And I don’t know what the fuck happened to Goldfingaz, anyone remember Cappadonna- Everything is everything?

  • shuunu

    What they need in , to kick it togheter like they used to…now they rich as fuk and got no time for each other? Dafuq RZA doin over there? Ain’t he supposed to be the brain of group? And NO , they should only produce within’ the wu , no outside shit with dem pumped up baselines , must be timeless or else …DON’T DO IT!

  • BangBang

    I think I “know what he mean”

  • Seven & A Crossaint

    I feel like every time the internets has this conversation Raekwon single-handedly fucks it up for everyone. His “if it’s gonna come out the way it need to come out” comment is another way of him saying “I want this shit to go my way!”. Let’s not forget the debacle that ensued when they dropped “8 Diagrams” between him and RZA, and how he responds by dropping “Shaolin vs Wu-Tang” with a whole bunch of My-First-RZA-Immitation-Beats. Come to think of it, didn’t he feature Officer Ricky on that album also? Yea, way to “keep it Wu”, Rae. Anyway, the only reason their debut album came out as raw as it did is because RZA had asked all of them to put their faith in him. That, and the fact they were broke and starving. If those elements don’t exist then don’t count on this 20 Year Anniversary to be as raw as their debut. I think we’re headed down Disappointment Street again.

  • marty mcfly

    People want Rza to make beats but he dont really make beats no more. Not saying he cant but I dont think Rza is in the studio like that, I think he moved on to movies. So its either get beats from somewhere else or just not do the project at all because the Rza is only gonna do about 2 or 3 beats tops for the project. Its no way Rza is gonna get off more then ten beats within the next 7 months. Thats not happening PERIOD and in terms of who calls the shots? Why is Raekwon not the leading force behind the creativity of the next Wu album? Who’s been the most consistent over the years out of the clan? It would be Ghost and Rae but Rae is still an active player within most of the different chambers of the game right now. His albums, his mixtapes just every project he puts out period does carry that Wu sound so why not let him put together the album and let the other members come in and do verses? If you waiting on The RZA to cook up an album full of digi snacks for the clan, you’ll be waiting for another 5 to 10 years for him to do that. Furthermore somebody tell Jonny Blaze to put out that damn Crystal Meth already.