Nacho Picasso – F*ck Rio f… Rio

blame it on Shake May 26, 2013

Nacho lands a hook from his (unknowing) ex on his latest verbal assault. Classic stuff right here.


  • JPM

    idk who dude is.. but this is flaw

  • nickd

    haha i found this song funny, especially the parts where she’s cursing nacho out. I fuck with it. town shitt!!!

  • shuunu

    HAaha , dope track , fuck dat hoe , she sounds like a bitch..

  • Genesis

    Lol…. This is the kind of shit rappers record for personal entertainment…. Keep it that way…..

  • This dude is weak i dont understand how you can date a girl and then bash her… at the end of the nacho looks stupid as fuck for putting this song out…..waste of a session and good beat ….go read a book nigga

  • malcyvelli

    this dude is weak as fuck with his raps, but the hook is funny lmao

  • Garbagio

    If you actually listen to what she says, he’s proving her right. He comes off like a clown and a chump. Plus, his rhymes are garbo.

  • Haha, smooth on the set up bro.

  • Weak. Any way you look at it, it’s weak. No ways to save it.

  • COOB

    Yall fools are haters Nachos that nigga #MOORGANG BITCH FUCK RIO!

  • pete206

    It’ll be funny when people are fucking with Nacho in like a year after posting lame ass comments about him being weak. He’s putting the 206 on the rap map for something besides Macklemore. We aint all soft and cuddly

  • XI

    EXACTLY.. dude is a moron.

    you are a lost young man.
    trying to prove you are a “gangster” in a comment section is NOT “gangster” lol.

    Treat your woman right! No points for TRYING to bash a female you dated. double L for proving how correct she is about you being worthless.


  • XI

    also, @pete206

    I gave his shit a spin half a year ago… and I still feel the same about it.

    “god mc” he calls himself LOL.

    “Black Narcissus” === TRAAASSHHHHHH!!!

  • dsafsdf

    lol not sure how people are NOPING this… this is raw AF… dude definitely has my attention

  • Ryuk

    Guess its too much to ask for proffesional courtesy from a dude named Nacho Piccaso..

  • Pragmatic

    Obviously none of these clowns bashing have ever listened to his mixtapes with Blue Sky Black Death! Nacho is a beast. He’s clever asfuck with his rrhymes and the production is on point.

  • wu

    This guy knows ^^^^

  • Flip

    @pete206 Cuz a nigga name nacho and macklemore are sooooooo gangsta, fuck outta here…206 will always warm in the inside fuzzy as niggas

  • baykapone

    This is dope lol there is a lot of slut cuffers making comments lol yall mad cuz he dissed his old bitch? Lmao yall niggaz hitting her on twitter like “fuck that nigga nacho baby come get wit me” lmaooo

  • twoohnine