• Milly

    OG version is still the best.
    Has anyone heard Afta-1's remix to Boom Clap Bachelor's - Tiden Flyver?

  • James

    They left out Lady Gaga on the original for a reason. I don't see why adding Emeli Sande makes any sense besides promotional means.

  • lkf

    Emeli Sande is wack

  • AK

    Ikf you are a hater, either you are broke, you don't get pussy, or you play with guns every day

  • j

    pulling out every stop possible to try go double platinum

  • Eat

    Stop rapeing this Beat... Sanders, Ross, game

  • nibs

    they are milking this guy for every dollar they fucking can. how long until he is corny? 2 more albums?

  • Silky Johnson

    Kendrick is taking this shit too far, or his label or whoever the fuck.

    About 8546 remixes/features in the last 6 months.

  • George

    Afta-1 has been doing his thing for a minute now.. Song came out back in 07 I think. Shout out to HU and that bad ass bitch who was playing it.

  • memary&him

    I love Emli's voice but her part just wasnt that significant or dope to justify a remix, when this song has already been remixed to hell.

  • flo

    yall don't have to hit play. stop fucking bitching you lame fucks. if you're so fucking smart go out and make money than bitch and complain on a rap blog. losers

  • cosign flo

    bich dant kill my dick