Mac Miller – Goosebumpz (prod. Diplo)

blame it on Illy May 27, 2013

Off Mac Miller’s upcoming Watching Movies With The Sound Off album, which will be available for pre-order on iTunes tonight.

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  • hi

    i love cock

  • friendsbfriends


  • BobbyWhite

    Excited for the album. June 18th gonna be crazy

  • onthereal

    This like the third song I’ve heard by this guy. But he’s better than Macklemore

    • Ricky


  • Jay

    This is dope

  • Don

    He’s legit got better

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      Very. So much so that he’s using that Ace Hood/Meek flow that everyone ran into the ground yet it some how seems fresh. Def interested in hearing this album.

  • asd

    this time last year i never would have been saying this but I’m actually excited for a mac miller CD

  • this is fucking ill

  • KrazyMeer

    This Balkan Beat Box sample !!!

  • AndOneill

    I know he is a hiphop dude and all, but this is trash. Still lookin forward to the album tho like all the others on June 18th..

  • Think

    Not a big fan of Mac but I’ll admit, Macadelic had some hits. However, this song is weak. Idk how this even appeals to some of you haha

  • RSX

    “this time last year i never would have been saying this but I’m actually excited for a mac miller CD”


  • mostnope

    lol ass….

  • nc0310

    People on this site are acting like they like Mac Miller again just bc they’ve seen him hanging with Schoolboy and TDE… Dickriders..

  • rhyme like po

    shit is lame. you all crazy for thinking otherwise

  • wackmiller

    white music smh… i’m white tho

  • mm

    sick beat…lyrics are trash

  • GooNLord

    Personally wasn’t feeling this, Mac sounds exactly like a cookie-cutter rapper talkin about money and bitches. Way too many coke references too

  • Dat Dude

    Diplo killed it on the beat… never been a huge fan of Mac Miller.

  • rghieuhrge

    yall are fucking stupid

    finally realizing mac is dope

    i been following dude since before he blew up

    how high n the jukebox

    hes always been a legit rapper/artist

    yall are some followers n fuckin opinionless

    ur opinions are formed by each other