...and Domo Genesis

  • Smackfest

    Queensbridge.cot dammitt

  • lbc

    Damn this shit goes hard af and the beats from Alc are banging like always.

  • Smcru

    Fire!! Coppin

  • Sprosma

    Imagine if that was your deceased family member on the cover... Lawsuit?

  • Nuff

    dope gangsta shiaaaattt!!

  • jayjo


  • deeinfinite

    Alchemist is on some other shit, been on a tear for that past few yrs...dope

  • Thug T

    I can't wait for this. P and Al make a great combination.

  • Just askin

    Who's Ghost writing for P???

  • block

    gotttt damn... June 11 buying 2 or more copys.. sounds like old p and alc

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/ SilviaMob

    good muzik X dope artwork def Cop

  • jus10

    I need that proper follow up to Return Of The Mac.
    Shit was sooo dope!

  • lookatmenow

    Damn this is sick Prodigy and Alchemist is the rap version of Jesse
    and Walter from Breaking Bad lyrical meth

  • TronP

    only person who could ever ghost write for Prodigy is Godfather part 3 but he didn't this all Prodigy!

  • Harry hazard

    P iz the untouchable rap king!