• And 1

    RIP Mother of 3000

  • Mike

    Who tah hell is clique on "Dope"? Fuckin' idiots.

  • bei

    2 dope, yall should really disable the dope or nope buttons on tragic topics.

  • rew

    oh please, if this was rick ross' mother the same asshole complaining about human decency would be clicking dope and calling it a blood sacrifice or some other bullshit. 2db should just scrap the c-section altogether.

  • rolandblaze

    RIP, i'm sure she was a proud mum.

  • _AudiiO

    May she rest in peace.

  • KarlW1992


  • Mike

    rew, I don't give a fuck who's mother is, you idiot. Or Andre or Ross. I talk about humanity only and stupid people who likes this topic for some strange reasons.

  • and stay in school

    stfu Mike. you type like an African. This post is Dope because it deserves some appreciation. its a win win on something like this. smh

  • good stuff. 7/8

    Hope this doesn't keep him from releasing music. I loved all the songs by himself that he put out after the Love Below. that was a shitty album.

  • Africanboydonttakenoshyt

    And stay, whats wrong with AfricaNS? ya must be some kid behind ya papas company to talk shit about WE PROUD AFRICAN

  • and stay in school

    nothing wrong with Africans. got love for up north but you niggas can't type for shit!
    stay in school, breh.

  • Africanboydonttakenoshyt

    dude, ya need ass whipping for real, ya fuckhead. ya must be a luck nigga born in states, and im sure ya ignorant about ya history.

    And fact that ya refer africa to be north, shows that ya dont know the map, i guess ya da one need to school up

  • runt

    ^^^ learn proper grammar please