Andre 3000’s Mother, Sharon Benjamin-Hodo, Passes

blame it on Meka May 29, 2013

News like this is never pleasant, no matter how you slice it. According to Billboard, 3 Stacks’ Old Earth moved on to the next realm on his 38th birthday.

Benjamin-Hodo was the founder and guiding force of The Starlight Camp for underprivileged children, which she ran out of the New Morning Light Missionary Baptist Church in Conley, GA — the church of her husband, Pastor Robert Hodo.

In lieu of flowers, continued support of The Starlight Camp is appreciated by the family, Benjamin’s spokesperson notes.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Andre and his family.

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    RIP Mother of 3000

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    RIP, i’m sure she was a proud mum.

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    Hope this doesn’t keep him from releasing music. I loved all the songs by himself that he put out after the Love Below. that was a shitty album.

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