Cassie Lookin’ All Sexy And Sh*t For Esquire Magazine…

blame it on Illy May 29, 2013

Photography by Chris Fortuna // Jokes by Cassie.

The Bad Boy bad girl Cassie took a bunch of sexy photos (and told a bunch of funny jokes) for Esquire and what’s better than seeing a really good looking chick tell funny jokes? Yeah. More Cass after the jump.

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  • Y

    I still don’t get the haircut.

  • Word?

    -_- … So she’s really gonna keep this haircut and not grow her back, smh


    yeah im pretty sure both of you niggas are gay, what type of male gives a shit about a woman’s hair do.

  • Fresh_out_da_pen

    I love the hair…Cassie would look sexy even if she was fresh outta bed and taking her morning dump.

  • Frank Ocean


  • runt

    wtf with the two top dudes.

  • Jets72

    Who wants to jam some Willie D?

  • Seven & A Crossaint

    She bad as fuck!

  • brandon

    yoo! the two top dudes are right though. she was a 1,000,000 times better when she did NOT have that butch ass hair cut. besides, she has absolutely NO booty! FAIL. i need something to hold on to when i’m puttin in work lol. all said and done though, its just my opinion.

  • gbreeze

    lawd 1/2 mercy

    she a bless in the sky

  • King Tyrone

    what a sweetheart

  • And 1

    pretty sure she always looks really sexy.

  • Geezy

    I love hair, but she looks good as fuck with it. Not many women can pull that off.

    That inner thigh gap in picture 4 though. Lord. Have. Fuckin. Mercy.

  • F A C T

    So you’d kick her out of bed for having the side of her head shaved?
    Nah didn’t think so.
    And if you did – you’re gay. Blogging as fags.

  • Rosebudd

    Y’all niggas gay I bet she looks better your bitch… That bitch fine and y’all crying about the bitch hair. U dont fuck hair . Gay ass niggas

  • Rosebudd

    Y’all niggas gay

  • BarrioAlto

    flat asses, pierced tits