The-Dream: IV Play Sessions pt.1 (Video)

blame it on Illy May 29, 2013

Jay-Z’s Life + Times goes into the lab and behind-the-scenes into the recording process of The-Dream’s fifth studio album, IV Play, in stores today.

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  • Smh

    IV Play is definitely his worse album

  • youhighbro

    Terius Nash 1977 is his best imo and if you get why he tried to put that out for free when they wanted him putting out this IV ish you understand its not all his fault. 1977 gets mad play from me that ghetto track :) only ish from IV i fuck with is self conscious, holy love, and pussy. The original version of IV play with twista on track is good too and slow it down with fab. Hes been cranking out hits for awhile now and putting together 1977 i think took more of his attention then IV as that album every track artistically is on another level then IV. This album is lacking a true stand out hit too.

  • uwetbro

    form of flattery > every song on this album put together JS

  • the realest

    yall niggaz stupid. aint nothing touching that 1977, but IVplay is right after that nxt to love vs money. the stand out hit is iv play! have you heard that shit? thats why he named that the damn album. every song bang. even that tron shit. i wasnt feeling it when it first came out, till i was listenning to the album and heard that nigga spitting BARS. only shit that was meh is high art. but thats the first song and iv play come on after so its really not a problem. you gotta chill wit yo girl, smoke a blunt and let the whole thing play to get it. shitting on 1977 if not for wake me when its over and form of flattery. and ghetto.

    and this is a album for yo girl, not the side pieces. gon fuck around and have the side pieces questioning why they not the main.

  • DJ

    ^^^^^ Bitch STFU