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    lol you brag about a wave and wearing a wig lol whats wrong with ya real hair black girl lost

  • Billy


    Nigga sit your sensitive ass down. Its only hair.

  • rew

    was trina every really poppin though? has she ever dropped an actual solo album?

  • Bryant

    Its not hair at all tho?!

  • Bryant

    And its not only hair. U obviously dont have daughters or nieces...

  • justsaying

    Nah Trina prolly will never come back to where she use to be... because she's considered TAME for today's standards.. i mean..Trina never really showed her ass that much..she was teasing niggas... Nicki Minaj ... be giving lapdances.. half naked in videos ... i wouldn't even consider Trina ratchet anymore

  • fuck2dopeboyz

    Trina has dropped 5 solo albums you fucking dumbass, album number 6 coming soon. pay attention you stupid fuck.