• gregory kruxx.

    whoooooooooooowheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! KISS OF DEATH NIGGAHS!!!!

  • MewLover34

    Man, I remember when mainstream rap was so weak, he actually had a claim to that "Top 5" title. I'm not sure he'd be in the top TWENTY five anymore. Oh how far we've come...

  • six

    as usual not feelin beat..kiss has horrible beat selection

  • who cares

    Beat is mediocre, The-Dream is whack as always, and the verses were forgettable.
    @MewLover34 why you say "I remember" like mainstream whack still isn't weak? There hasn't been consistently dope Hip Hop on the radio in like a decade.

  • Desmond

    yes i can feel this

  • cam

    This is lowkey garbage

  • http://@julesclay @julesclay

    yo i hate yall 2 dopeboyz niggas..yall all think yall get paid to pick apart these niggas records.smh...this record is ill b.Kiss did what kiss duzzzz!eat dick fags!!!

  • Seven & A Crossaint

    With that kind of an album title you're 1st single should have "Jesus & The Devil singing on the chorus"... #Washed



  • Tits

    @who cares, fuck you.

  • http://phantomgansterchronicles.net Binlamo

    Yall crazy if u thInk kiss aint tOp 5 the kid been in the game longer then ur kids so while u raising them he raising u....914 all day