• Jo

    Secret show? Don't know if that's dumb or brilliant. Kudos to those who find it.

  • Wayne Brady

    This sounds like some golden ticket bullshit. Willy Wonka ass nigga.

  • Claudia

    We want J.Cole to come to the Bay Area for a solo show. He has a huge fan base here. His fans want to see him in an intimate venue. I know that would sell out!

  • Amber

    No shows in La? WHAT. Wrong decision.

  • Terry

    Hopefully I can find where the J Cole show is going to be.

  • coldworld

    Any dude hating on a rapper selling tickets for 1 dollar... fuck outta here

  • Shane

    ^^^^^^ Seriously

  • Think

    @claudia, Cole did have a show in SF before his sideline story released for his Coleworld Tour. You must've slept on that... but he does have to come back again.

  • 518STANDUP

    Lol No New York? Ight Jermain.....

  • Gbanga

    Any word on possible locations that this would take place in miami cause I'm definitely trying to see J.Cole for a 1$.

  • spooky

    Soooo how are we supposed to figure out where it is? Like is there gonna be hints. Or like other artists they tweet the location the day of?

  • William Edward

    thats a dollar more than i would pay to see his north carolina clown ass

  • and the one AFTER that. NC STAND UP!

    LOL WIlliam Edward you fake ass busta. chill from trolling the C-Sections. NC will run up in your current bitch and the next one.

  • Delis

    Tryna find out if anyone kno bout the boston dolla dream

    • Coleworldnosnuggie

      I knoooow the location for boston june 14th... Jus found out. Ya bish#connections

  • alesha bell

    how can you obtain tickets to the Atlanta show??

  • dejohn

    i need to know where its at in atlanta

  • Xoxo

    Anyone know the Boston venue yet? I have a few ideas.