Kanye West – Yeezus (Official Album Artwork) x Bound (Snippet)

blame it on Illy May 31, 2013

No artwork. No booklet. Just music. June 18. UPDATE: A new song snippet is also available on Ye’s website. Click here and hover over the disc to preview.

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  • Grimzz

    Before any Stan calls this genius…it has already been done in rap lol

  • I actually like this more than the previous 1. Very simplistic. While most artists either don’t care about album artwork or they try too hard to be “artistic” this fits what Ye is doing right now anyways.

  • Colesummer

    Expect good music but this is wack as fuck who wants this picture in their iTunes

  • Huhhhhhh

    Lupe said every album needs something to credit production, mgmt, etc thou?

  • heisselhoff

    Nothing to be called genius but I wonder who else did it. Can you tell me ?

  • alex

    This has already been done. True Magic by Mos Def. Come on Kanye wow.

  • 426574Chainz

    It’ll probably be like Lupes with it in the inside or something.

  • alex

    but at least true magic had a little artwork on the cd still!

  • ew

    you named 2 rappers in the 30 year history of hip hop that have done this, and not even like this nor on a mainstream level. Most def had art work, the cover was just see through… and that deserves a “come on now” really? you hipsters will complain about everything. lol

  • re

    i wonder whether this will affect the pricing?

  • jack

    alex its not that same the mos def cd is basically the art work you twat

  • Fuck a cover, the art speak for itself.

  • trufax

    Wait till I get my money right, then you can’t tell me nothing right

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    Mos Def’s album was a throwaway attempt to get music out. It lacked true artwork (but had an image on the cd), but I’m sure it was more a case of not giving a shit because the album rather than an attempt at genuine artistry.

  • Tony two face

    He should have put a picture of his cock on the cover. You stans could have licked the cover while you jerk off to the music.

  • bxb

    System of a Down did this.

  • adi Pre

    The way it should be, straight music, fuck outta here with the hate, ‘Ye always delivers…midwife.

  • 7

    Weird considering this dude was designing covers for other people’s music…..
    So far nothing from this project has been impressive, the music has been angry for the sake of being angry and now a lazy presentation by lacking artwork. I think something happened to his brain when he walked into that sign.
    Back in the day a cover was part of setting the tone for an album, so what does this say? It screams nothing special, total opposite of Watch the Throne.

  • Forizeal

    Almost every artist/band who has ever had a demo has done this. It’s trying to make a statement, but not doing well.


    Why is everyone trying to explain what KW was doing here. You don’t know. I don’t know. Honestly who knows if he does. Just stop.

  • He’s doing the total opposite of what ppl thought he was gonna do.

  • Mendez

    Why is everybody hating on the Mos Def/Lu comparisons? Not like anyone’s praising Mos or Lu for doing it before Kanye. I get the feeling that Kanye’s tryna be clever causing a stir up in the hip hop community. Bottom line it’s just not impressive

  • buttseckskarms

    Why does 2DBZ find it necessary to outline every image they post in a thin line of brown? I can understand making sure your original content stays just that jesus man. A tag is a tag is a tag.

  • Alright thats all I wanted to say. my ass hurts from riding dick too long

    “the music has been angry for the sake of being angry”

    people are entitled to their opinions but did you really hear the music and go, “why is he so angry?”
    If you’ve listened to anything good you’d have found something WAY more than just an emotion. And lazy presentation for lacking artwork? did you not see the other 2 covers he did for this thing? Did you JUST get into hip hop today?
    Seriously, the criticism from some people is good but then you have people like the ones in the 2dopeboyz comment section who have no reason to critique. just another excuse not to go with the crowd who, in their defense, are rightfully excited for anybody. which is how I wish the people here would be. Nothing but negative critiquing. And most are towards the fans before they’ve said anything! Fuck type of shit is that? Do yourselves a favor and stop worrying about the stupidity of a hype-train that is the fans of anybody or anything and get happy. Yall have a fucked up definition of what being a fan is supposed to be and think its fucking cheesy to anticipate anybody.

  • Untagged/HQ image @ my name

  • And who cares who did it first? It’s NO artwork. Too easy to even assume he bit someone. Thats like saying, “Oh you wore the same socks as me so you bit my style” LOL gtfoh

  • Tiiz

    No Artwork. No Booklet. = No Purchase.

  • People see a thumbnail and go crazy. smh

    People ignored the fact that this thing says “Please add graffiti.”
    no cover? only for the unimaginative. Lets take a look into why he would have the fans do their own cover for something he made for them and stop wallowing in the shallow.

  • erw

    you hipsters love trying to downplay someone’s ideas by claiming they werent “first” or someone did it 30 years ago. I dont think kanye was trying to be first. And no one cares if someone did this 24 years ago somewhere. Just appreciate a good artist doing his thing ffs.

  • Your logic is spotless!

    you don’t purchase because of blank art? Did you know there’s going to be music on that CD? What have you been doing with all your physical copies?
    Please tell me you have a collection of album art in your room and no songs in your iTunes.

  • hm

    He’s trying so hard to be avant-garde…

    On the other hand, chances are it’ll be the best drop June 18 by a mile so who cares

  • your logic is spotless!


  • lame

    OH theres NO artwork hes SO ARTISTC….give me a fuckin break, the dude is just pullin weird bullshit to try and seem unique and cutting edge, dude is truly just a pompous asshole who makes some solid music…ill def listen n probably enjoy but dont get started on that wack ass no cover bullshit

  • hill

    I like this idea, it’s something different. He probably did it so people would shut up about the illumination imagery. And also releasing this album without a leading single is bold, he’s barely promoting his album and still plans to release it in

  • huh

    all the people in here and not one person mentioned how artistic it is. how do you get mad at a statement that hasn’t been stated?

  • Jules

    @Tiiz, my thought exactly. By doing this Kanye eliminates the last incitement there is to even buy a physical copy.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    So he is actually calling this album ‘Yeezus’?


  • teo

    so what happened to the melted piece? they feared? who knows

  • Wonder what the Vinyl’s gonna look like… Plant-based see thru cover?

  • He’s really doing J.Cole a favor.



  • bred

    niggas sayin the album gonna be terrible when it didnt even come out yet..because that makes sense

  • yomammy

    J.cole is going to kill this album

  • its all the same shit cole makes same music as drake does, hip hops done already

  • jedi

    Kanye has been one of the most consistent artists in terms of quality music so you guys saying “it’s going to be shit” and crap like that should just sit down. there’s a reason he’s still relevant in the game.

  • deeznuts

    please don’t judge me off this, but uhm…is the tape a part of the album cover, cause if so, that’s pretty dope feature to the plain cover.

  • ear2ear

    As a Mos Def stan, the reason why Tru3 Magic didn’t have a cover, was due to the fact that Geffen purposely packaged the album in a rush, gathered the tracks on the album that were cheapest, and released it as cheaply as possible without promotion of any kind on a Friday when I was walking in Best Buy and my homie thought it was a mistake that it was out on shelves. Lol. Mos was ready to leave Geffen anyways. It wasn’t Mos Def’s artistic expression that the album was blank. Either way, cover art kinda died with the rise of digital music in all honesty. Unless you collect vinyl.

    Also, you can’t say Kanye has any gimmicks or promotions at this point with Yeezus. He seems very content letting the album speak for itself when it comes out. And that’s pretty brave.

  • ghghghg

    ^Not having promotion is, in effect, promotion.
    For an artist the caliber of Kanye West anyway.

  • truuuu

    who the fuck cares? im tryna listen to the music not no damn album cover

  • LikeWhereAreYouYeezy?

    I’m a huge Kanye fan but this is lazy. You can put whatever spin on it you want but the day Ye and I are handing people the same blank cd then it’s lazy. It’s weird, I remember back when he promoted albums and made appearances and actually had fucking singles. Now it’s just. “I’m releasin an album. It’s called Yeezus. No single. No pre-order. no art. k bye.”

    It’s still probably gonna be one of the best albums to come out of 2013 but It’s hard to get excited about what seems like nothing

  • JS

    I’m pretty sure the DELUXE version will look different

  • TEA


  • Yeezytaughtme

    My opinion is better than yours. If you disagree with me, fuck you. I am more knowledgable about hip-hop, because I’m old. Because I employ my time more than the average bear, I know I am a true hip-hop head. Im psychic. I know what artists motives are, and what the intricate music industry distribution proccess really is. Also I’m right and you’re wrong. And I’m going to continue to check the post, to retaliate and further empose my opinion if challenged.

  • Pre

    Lmao @ TEA

  • lp

    Doesn’t matter to me who did it first, I like this.. And I doubt someone who has delivered such quality music in the past is just going to come out with a complete wack album. Kanye knows what he’s doing.

  • This was also kind of done on; Artist Breeze Brewin, Q Unique, Godfather Don, J Treds, M.F. DOOM bw Dysfunctional Family Title Fondle ‘Em Fossils Fondle ‘Em Fossils Remix bw Feelin da Highs Label Definitive Jux Recordings Category Vinyl Singles.

  • Washcloth

    Mos Def did this with True Magic back in ’06

  • dhdhd

    You guys don’t notice the pyramids??

  • Tron

    LOL @ having so much to say about someone/thing you have no intrest in.

  • Jason Pack

    None of you have any clue. I’m not going to get on here and say all this is genius and lazy or what not, but I one thing I will say is that he knows what he’s doing. We can all make quick assumptions or even deep assumptions, but who knows, at least from the public’s eye. I noticed a change in Kanye’s perspective. I think’ he’s growing and learning about the world. The truth.


  • xyz123


  • Pretty flacon

    I’m just going to change the art work, simple as that.

  • @xyz123 Duh

  • >:(

    @Pretty flacon You better not!

  • yardmeister

    It’s says “PLEASE ADD GRAFFITI” in bold letters. Ya niggas ain’t analyzing properly.

  • JWill

    There will be 1000 lucky Kanye West fans that will be wearing the Yeezy 2 “all red”. There is a reason why there is no artwork. Good luck to the lucky people whom pick up the CDs with the winning ticket.

  • Fuckyallhatinforanway

    He’s not trying to be artistic… he is artistic… he’s not trying to be avant-garde…he is avant-garde…

  • j-iDontGivA

    kanye west an artist that’s funny. He didn’t design a single one of his albums covers. It makes you wonder which designer he went to for this idea. His album is going to be fresh garbage.

  • Shhhhhhhhhhh

    @j-iDontGivA Shhhhhhhhhh

  • XI

    If you don’t like this man.

    why are you even here?

    Look at the individual this man has always been, then try to convince yourselves that this is him TRYING to be artistic.

    PLEASE draw me a list of all the Rapper/Clothing Designer/hip-hop moguls/TOP-PRODUCER/Rapper-with-two-shoe-deals(Louis Vuitton & NIKE)/multiple other ventures I can’t recall….

    Who somehow also have the time to become professional graphic designers..

    I’LL WAIT, Dumb-ass.

  • FakirWise

    Who cares if no album artwork has been done before. What is unique about it compared to True Magic is that True Magic had artwork on the disc. I don’t see that here, so why the continued comparisons?

  • Tiger34

    It’s been reported that Kanye is sick of being judged and having his every move recorded. Perhaps he’s simply saying that he’s sick of people judging him and they should just focus on the music? Maybe he’s even trying to say that people just download it and don’t buy physical copies anymore. The industry is changing. You don’t need a lead single anymore. Promote on social media, promote on the side of a fucking building, promote on SNL. This is a new era. It isn’t all about album sales for guys like Kanye anymore. Kanye is a perfectionist with his music, to call him lazy because he didn’t realize album art is a joke. He’s 5/5, Kanye has never dropped a bad album, why would he start now??

  • marty mcfly

    I dont really like this. I’ll just say that. Album covers are big apart of hip hop culture and you’d think Kanye West of all people would want some artwork. Especially after coming off the last two covers like MBDTF and Cruel Summer.

  • 2412

    Terrible idea, terrible cover smh

  • Doris

    Umm, I’m pretty sure album covers play a huge role in any musical genre.

    Fucking idiot piece of shit Mcfly..

  • Sounds Like


  • Jus10

    On my iPod, I’m just going to stick a picture of a teddy bear as the album cover. lol

  • JWill

    So let me get this right. Everyone is complaining about a lack of album cover/track listing as if everyone was going to buy the album JUST because of that? SMH. You do realize he does NOT want any pre-orders/artwork, etc. You can’t leak a non-existent tracklisting on the back of a non-existent album cover/back. He went to great lengths in not having this album leak.

  • JWill

    I can’t find the snippet of “Bound” on his website. Its not showing up on my end.

  • Qz

    That sample on the snippet is beautiful….

  • 518standUP

    shit is dope. Yeezus.

  • JWill

    Having “Bound” as a track means the track listing that was supposedly leaked on iTunes is obviously wrong.

  • JWill

    We might be seeing the full version of “Bound” on June 2nd as when the world will officially know the sex of Kanye and Kim’s baby. This track may not be on the album after all…listen to the sample’s lyrics.

  • June18th

    “Please add graffiti,” so as YOU make the album art.

    Needy ass people, is Kanye your art dealer now as well?

    Let him make the music!

    I know nobody that looks continuously at the album art while listening to the album. You lot seem to be worried about how your iTunes will look *straight comedy* get over it!

  • whateveriguess

    Never seen so many people care about artwork.

  • okiguess

    the fact that there are maybe 3 comments about the snippet is pretty depressing. it sounds fucking beautiful and artwork shouldn’t even matter if it’s the music he wants you to embrace. album will be a classic


    Bound sounds like it will be ill

  • The amount of dicksaddling in this shit is utterly revoltin’. The lack of artwork is a terrible idea – largely because it fucks up the way some people like to listen to their music. Artwork for an album, if it’s really legit shit, should be a visual illustration as to what the album’s about. After having heard the album, you should be able to look at the cover and be like, “NOW I get the artwork”. It’s supposed to go in tandem with the music.

    This shit, whatever the case may be as to why there isn’t any, is fucking stupid and self-indulgent.

    This album is shaping to be less n less focused by the fuckin’ minute.

    And the snippet was just a soul sample loop. I don’t see how that shit is “it sounds fucking beautiful”.

  • Kerry Getz

    its BONUS not BONUD LOL…

  • Brainwave

    when will people see this dudes wack

  • Master Lee

    Everyone is talking about the album now. Even the haters are upset that there is no artwork. Ye has already won. The haters are promoting Yeezus for him.

  • kanye wins

    i think i speak for everyone defending kanye on this thread when i say, “anything he does is godly and i would suck his boner if given the chance.”

  • tiito

    kanye’s objective: people to talk about the album

    that’s it everything else pertaining to why and how is irrelevant.

    “No artwork. No booklet. Just music.” sounds like a good motto to me…

  • The king

    All gimmicks, trying to be so unique and original. Just put out your damn cd. Kanye cares too much about what people think of him.

  • The king

    All gimmicks, trying to be so unique and original. Kanye cares too much about what people think of him.

  • ear2ear

    I find it so retarded that everyone is tripping so hard over the lack of artwork.

    Look back at all your favorite albums. Would you like them any less if they didn’t come with an album cover? Do you still come away from that favorite album with an image in your head or a theme or an emotion that has nothing to do with the artwork? Like when I listen to Black on Both Sides or Illmatic or even College Dropout, I don’t think of Mos’ gigantic face, or Nas as a 6 year old, or a grown man in a teddy bear costume. Not saying artwork doesn’t have its purpose but its probably .00000000001% of what matters when you listen to an album.

  • marty mcfly

    @ear2ear, I just find it odd that Kanye, that guy who’s always talking about art would have no artwork. Kanye can do what he wants but he’s made art a huge part of his music so an album with no art especially coming from Kanye is like WTF? Im sure the music will still be dope but dope album covers should be a must for Kanye especially since he’s an art fanatic.

    • Justin Ho

      Couldn’t have said it better

  • Justin Ho

    @marty mcfly

  • common sense

    Why shouldn’t I steal this?

  • Ear2ear

    @Marty So either way, he’s screwed. Because when he went all out on Cruel Summer, WTT, MBDTF covers, people felt he was pretentious, but now this is also pretentious. All I’m saying is if the album is good, none of us will really mark it down because it didn’t come with artwork. If the album sucks, the last issue we’ll have with it is the artwork. Btw should we also judge music by music videos? I just don’t really care about artwork. Surprised so many are so concerned with this. Our Dads/Moms listened to cassettes with no real artwork for like 15 years lol, so I’m sure it’s gonna be ok to listen to this without a cover of a demonic looking thing or a rapper posing like he’s trying to make it into GQ.


    you ungrateful niggaz, ye is the same man who brought you GOOD FRIDAYS dopeness

  • naff

    even tho u hypocrite fools will pirate and bumpin it 24/7 but ye as usual will sell as fuck

  • marty mcfly

    @Ear2ear, No I dont think he’s screwed either way, and I agree with @Fuckyoupayme that artwork is an extension of the music itself. I thought people liked Kanye’s covers, especially the artsy crowd. In my opinion Kanye has some great album covers like the last one for Cruel Summer. No I dont believe Kanye not having an album cover is gonna have an effect on whether people like the music or not but I do think something is better then nothing. The only thing you can get from nothingness is nothing and thats strange that Kanye would do that imo. I get it though, Kanye is leaving up to people to feel however they feel about it. Lupe did it with his last album but he’s a different kinda of artist. Kanye is more visual and its probably just as many paintings hanging in his house as in a museum so no artwork is a little out there even for Kanye but its cool I guess. Oh and yeah cassettes actually did have artwork too. Just sayin

  • three

    i bet hes going to have a contest to whoever has the best graffiti.

  • three

    but i do miss the bear. he should bring that back.

  • Johnny Outlines

    the reason i buy the CD is for the booklet and artwork. i can just download the music. but if i support my favorite artists. idk if im buying this one lol

  • Check alot

    Kanye loves visual artistic expression just as much as he does musical wise. He killed it on the Murakami cover for Graduation, the Tiski shit for WTT and the MBDTF work is possibly my favorite cover art of all time. Honestly at this point I couldn’t care less if he does something like this. In fact I think the whole minimal identity element he’s campaigning online is dope. The guy HAS FUCKING MADE IT in the industry. Why not be experimental with something that’s insignificantly complimentary to whats most important at the end of the day. THE MUSIC.

  • check

    music wise*

  • SK

    @Johnny Outlines: Good point. VERY good point. :hint hint: thus the push for digital (he won’t make more than 4% off hard disc sales now…so what do physical copies matter?).

    Remember, soundscan now includes digital streaming.

    Just another push to shift music distribution…


    @Johnny Outlines You sound like a fucking faggot, i really hope you playing

  • Jay

    Isn’t Kanye an ignorant racist? I used to be a fan and listen to his older stuff, until as of late when he’s been a real disaster out there. I feel like he blames his mothers death on white people or something. I’m sorry, but I can’t purchase this mans album as a white man.

  • JWill

    Oprah said it best “Less is More”. Kanye is doing just that. I’m still buying the album regardless.

  • FakirWise

    Jay, those thoughts are none other than your own.
    Question your own upbringing because your last two sentences show poor character and racism.

  • Jay


    Why can I not judge Kanye as he judges white people? I am a true believer in, if the music is good, I could careless about the artists views and opinions on most things. But, when you are openly ignorant, racist and judgmental as Kanye has become, I have no respect for you.

    Like I stated before, I used to be a Kanye fan.

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jay, your assuming Kanye is racist when none of us know what Kanye is thinking at the end of the day. How do any of us know if Kanye is racist or not? Just because he makes these kinda songs? I dont here the “I hate white people” coming from Kanye. Maybe its cause im not white and you are, idk. Alot of what Kanye is saying is not really saying I hate people but there is a point to what he’s saying. Unless you identify with a racist then I dont know what you could be mad about. Kanye knows these kinda songs will make some white people uncomfortable but its still white people out there that would hear these songs and agree with what he’s saying. If your offended then nothing thats said by me or Kanye West is gonna make you feel any different but maybe you should see it as artistic expression and not take it as Kanye saying “I hate white people”. If we gonna be honest, race issues come up alot and thats just a part of life so at some point those same issues are gonna find there way into music. I dont think Kanye is talking to just white people in these songs, I think he’s talking to everybody from all different kinda backgrounds and expressing where he’s at in this particular time.

  • QBN

    @Jay, where has he said something racist? He talks about receiving racism from SOME White folks (which practically every person of color has received at some point in their lives).

    Are you one of those people that think if a person talks about racism, it means they themselves are racist? One are you one of those “I don’t see color, and if we just stop talking about racism, it’ll go away” type people??? Either view is pretty ignorant, naive, and childish imo. And as a “”white man” nobody is forcing you to listen to BLACK music. It’s silly for you to expect that a Black artist should never talk about things that affect the Black community and society at large.

  • marty mcfly

    Also to add on to that last point. Kanye is talking about a certain kind of racism that exist in the fashion world (by SOME people) and he’s talking about a materialistic view of things that effects the minds of both black people and white people. Keep in mind that I really doubt black people are gonna be happy hearing Kanye in New Slaves saying “All you blacks want all the same things”… I do also believe there is a form of racism within the fashion world when it comes to clothes and culture thats a little too “urban” (black). Kanye also talks about people who run multi million dollar companies and people in high up institutions and corporations that live out in the Hamptons and have privately owned prisons that they profit off of by making sure the inmate rate is always up. So I dont think Kanye is talking about YOU there either. Kanye’s talking about people but he aint necessarily talking about white people such as yourself. He talking about the kinda white people that have strings to pull that have an effect on american society. The kinda white people you might see running for congress or operating in some branch of the federal government or running a fortune 500 company that also have an effect on popular culture. YES racism effects all the different levels and social classes of society but with these songs Kanye is talking about a kinda racism thats a little higher up within america. He aint really talking about little Zack Morris from down the street.


    Y’all are still on these threads trying to tap into what he is thinking.. smh

  • jobie

    am i stupid for hearing that snippet and getting amped? or because i listened to it 3 times? or that he puts a dope feature on that beat?

  • xxx

    Y’all love to hate.

  • Bryant

    Rap is dead

  • Marty Mcfly

    I’m a faggot.


    The album should be cheaper then since we won’t be paying for any artwork

  • Jay Bravo

    i think this is wat he wants. so ppl could put their own artwork on the disc and own artwork on the cover. its koo as long as its cheap cuz if this cd is going to cost 11.99 – 14.99 ima be pissed and im sure others will to and therefore j cole will outsell him for that simple fact.

  • LMFAO!

    ^^^^ You must be out your mind

  • gregory kruxx.

    The music will speak for itself. After all if you havent realized kanye hasnt been totally over the top now adays like he used to be..Always wearing more plain colors, doesnt do pr or any interviews. doesnt say much. just keeps quiet…the cd almost reflects his public persona these days..
    Im looking forward to it. Seriously whens the last time Kanye didnt deliver. And dont say Cruel Summer that compilation was dope.
    And after all you dont have to like it. Either way dude will be just fine if he loses a fan or two..
    June 18th. Cant wait

  • Hard Truth

    The only reason there is still racism is because people cant take unbiased criticism from other races without playing the race card in return.

  • marty mcfly

    So are black people the ones to blame for racism? Is racism really ” a race card” that you can just pull out like a visa? Or do black people have some pretty good reasons and plenty of evidence that supports the fact racism still exists?

  • marty mcfly

    Instead of pointing the finger at a race, I think people need to look at racism as a matter of mentality and as a matter of what you believe to be right and wrong when it comes to making judgments about a whole race. Especially without considering the history that led up to those ways of thinking.

  • Hard Truth

    Where did I say black people? It works both ways. I dont get offended by Kanyes lyrics. I didnt do anything to anyone to make them believe racism still exists. Dont blame me for something that happened decades ago that I also believe is terrible. Being prejudice against white people today for things that they had no part of is racism as well you know.

  • marty mcfly

    OK thats your opinion which is fine and the reason I said black people is because when you said “race card”, that is a negative term used against black people which led me to believe thats who you were talking about. Your opinion is one way and mine another which is fine.

  • Brokenyony

    Jay you a dumb ass nigga

  • Seven & A Crossaint

    No artwork = saved child support money.

  • Seven & A Crossaint

    No artwork = child support money in the stash. Yeezus is a Yeenius!

  • Ill One

    System of a Down did this already ‘Steal This Album”. Nothing new. Don`t really care anyway.It`s about the content

  • marty mcfly

    The Coup also did a project called Steal This Album but this album says Please Add Graffiti.

  • Chuck

    there’s no image b/c KAnye is reflecting on how he does not give an eff about his public image. He sees nothing special, yet the media sees him as a devil worshiper, asshole, egotistic maniac…etc thus the reason why “add graffiti please” is on the image. He’s basically telling us to paint him in anyway we want but he’s going to give us his mind and actions through his music on the CD. he gives no effs.

  • BML32

    I think this is smart, Kanye is letting his fans do the artwork because simply he was too focused on the music, I’ll buy the disc and leave it blank, Yeah I love artwork but I love music even more.

  • What’s the iTunes album artwork going to be?