• Soulo Hoe

    Fucking sick

  • jojoba

    thats just... speechless....

  • Exhibit C

    Stay strong, RIP

  • Memo


  • Truth Siren

    Fuck Capital Steez nigga took his own life dude was a coward

  • C-los

    ^ Fuck YOU, you didn't know the young man. Too quick to judge. And on the video, better late than never

  • http://aaccdbrrcvdsef.com $TEEEEEZ


  • http://d d

    this is a really bad video

  • NMG115

    ERA > TDE

  • http://rap-essence.blogspot.com Rap Essence

    Dope video. RIP Steez

  • Truth Siren

    @C-los nigga like you knew him anybody that kills themselves is a coward period fuckboy

  • yoooooooo

    @Truth Siren depression is a mf.. chill with that shit

  • http://thehusker.com MidWestFlyest

    PeeP the aPROcalypse is best mixtape of the year so far, even though it came out last X-mas, still hardest shit out in 2013. That shit hasn't left the top 5 rotation all year.

  • thatnigga

    This video is dookie ... R.I.P STEEZ tho the real general of PE started that 47 shit they be on... Joey a sus nigga sold his mans out for the fame