Pizzle – Euphoria f. Charlie $tardom

blame it on HD June 2, 2013

A month after Pizzle released his mixtape Insomnia 2, he’s back with a new record. Produced by Deonte Hayes, Pizzle brings along Charlie $tardom for Euphoria.

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  • qw

    look how many lame rappers are biting kanye putting the advisory sticker in the middle. niggas do nothing but bite. thats all they are good for

  • hassan

    LOL!^^^youre stupird. i was more urked by the content. the intro is about someone whos doin shit they dont approve of to feed their fam… then it goes into raps about this fool doing stupid shit to buy jordans. retarded.

  • Milwaukee Made Me

    @qw if think Kanye started that then I got a bridge in Brooklyn i can sell you. @hassan if you’re not from Milwaukee you wouldn’t get the content. Its an objective song on how guys in Milwaukee will do anything to be fly and ride good, hustle, rob, steal, anything. In Milwaukee, the way you dress and drive says almost everyting about you. Pizzle is a real Milwaukee dude and until you come through and absorb some game, you’ll never understand.