Wale – Poor Decisions f. Rick Ross & Lupe Fiasco (prod. Jake One)

blame it on Illy June 3, 2013

Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group releaSe the second of three singles they’ll be releasing today from their forthcoming Self Made Vol. 3 compilation out August 6 via MMG/Atlantic Records.

Premiere by VIBE.

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  • wat

    Lupe beef over???

  • sad

    lots of poor decisions regarding artwork on this album. good music though!

  • Midwestbeast

    Lupe signs to MMG… Poor decision lol.

  • BLACK London

    As a former Lupe stan its nice to hear “The Killer” back on his old shit and as expected Lu spat the best verse.


  • smitty

    If I can play devil’s advocate here: Lupe has been on a tour for over a year about how we need to stop promoting rap music with all of its violent messages and such and then drops a song with Rick “I ain’t even know what date rape was” Ross?

  • Lexrkills

    I might be the slow one here but what’s the 1st single off MMG 3 ?

  • kayo

    2/2 here for me all things considered for Self Made 3 tracks. KEY PHRASE THERE: all things considered. Going in with the bar low because it’s MMG, that “God Is Great” track and this are okay. Nothing to write home about but better than most of the trash on Self Made 2

  • Don

    Lupe still one of the best today.

  • Justin Ho

    @Lexrkills God Is Great by Rockie Fresh was the first single which came out earlier today

  • 215aphilliate

    we gotta stop looking for compilations to be classics because we all know this is a glorified mixtape full of album throwaways, so treat it like it is. Although there could be a Diamond in the ruff, its unlikely.

  • KMT

    @smitty don’t believe anything Lupe does man… he’s lost his passion. He obviously feels the need to live up to this “socially conscious” image he’s built up (with his admittedly excellent first 2 albums) but he doesn’t care any more. Songs like Bitch Bad have the message but they sound like shit cos he doesn’t actually believe the message any more.

    In conclusion, Lupe is one of the most unbearable rappers making music right now. His conscious shit is so cringey when it’s fake

  • smh people these days

    Lupe tryna get through to an audience he’d never reach by appearing on Rick Ross’s music thats why he did it.

  • 1

    JAKE ONE!!!!!!

  • Me

    Lupe and Ross need to make more music together. I’ve been hating the both of these niggas lately for different reasons. Lupe’s been getting corny spitting generic conscious shit over mediocre beats and forgetting to be the young and fly Lupe that he is. Ross has been getting corny spitting lazy bars with little depth or substance. They met somewhere in the middle and brought out each others’ strengths. Solid track.

  • milkmustache

    “In conclusion, Lupe is one of the most unbearable rappers making music right now. His conscious shit is so cringey when it’s fake”

    don’t forgot to throw in that its your own opinion. I’d say you’d be in the minority brah but that’s only what I see.

    And is the 2DBZ – Lupe Beef over? please let it be so, I miss so much Lupe shit just by checking this site.

  • marty mcfly

    So people are mad that Lupe is a “conscious rapper” your just finding that out now? COMEONSON. 2nd he did the song with Wale and Ross because he probably thought it was a cool song. 3rd, if your waiting for Lupe to start making music like Waka Flocka or rapping about busting his choppa at his enemies then you mite as well not listen to a song with Lupe. He is who he is and he aint gonna dumb it down to an ignorant level just cause niggas like it down there.

  • jobie

    lupe coming back to some more mainstream music, needs to collect some bigger checks. everyone knows dude like money as much as the next dude

  • ahijah

    Lupe and Shake beef aint over they post tracks he features on but not track on his own or any Lupe related stuff, after Shake stole his Music his luck Lupe didn’t send the goons to Las Vegas

  • smitty


    Yo daaaaaaaaaaaaaaammnnnn! *throws a chair a la Boondocks*

  • yo


  • fuckin’ trolls. smh.

  • omar’s coming

    No no no. If you guys think Lupe’s music hasn’t declined, you’re a biased stan. This isn’t about him being a “conscious” (whatever that means) rapper, it’s about him being a caricature of a preacher rather than a musician. His last two albums have been a steep decline from his first two. His music has gone from coming from a natural place to coming with a forced agenda. It’s just not enjoyable anymore. He’s hella talented, but really needs to just get back to writing dope rhymes, work with better producers (ie: stop being cheap), and forget about what every other rapper is doing…just do you. Don’t make songs on how every other rapper is doing it wrong, just show them that you’re doing it right. He has the clout to do it. Actually really like his verse here and it fits in with the theme of the song especially if you actually listen through to the end.

  • MusicHead

    When Lupe not on his conscious shit…he easily the hardest lyrical nigga rappin..period even over my niggas Kendrick, Wale, KRIT & Soul but nevertheless…GREAT BEAUTIFUL DOPE TRACK ! MMG like 3/3 so far today..

  • eZ

    Lupe tryna get through to an audience he’d never reach by appearing on Rick Ross’s music thats why he did it.

    *Exactly. Had he dumbed down his message then it would be a problem, but he actually killed this verse. Problem is, this is probably the most positive song Rick Ross has ever dropped, and he will be right back to rapping about slanging, banging, and “influencing” gun violence like that shit don’t got nothing to do with him like Lupe just said.

  • eZ

    On second listen.. If you Subtract Ross, keep Wale & Lupe, and you have a dope ass song! I can’t stomach Ross opening this song simply b/c i believe this song is contradictory to his entire life. Lmao. I mean Really, …Rich niggas making poor decisions… Comedy. Lupe, really killed this.. Poor niggas making rich decisions!

  • people grow up please

    this song went super hard,lupe demolished his verse s/o to ross and wale

  • marty mcfly

    @ez, your coming from a place of opinion but not everybody has to agree with you. You saying his music has declined, his music is forced now and unnatural and his music is not enjoyable, he needs to get back to writing dope rhymes (as if he doesn’t do that now) etc… But all that his YOUR opinion. I think LASERS has dope material on it and so does Friend Of The People and F&L2 so just because you think he’s not dope anymore doesn’t mean he’s not.

  • MusicHead

    Marty McFly be speakin the real & seems every post. Gotta respect it. Plain & simple.

    Lasers was the only horrid thing Lyoe dropped but he had about 3 dope songs on thee..just to put that out there & good observation on the J. Cole post..he does get semi- biased opinions & lead way but that new song is def gotta great vibe to it & a perfect single for his album. Not great but def very good..Born Sinner will be my final say on Cole tho.

  • omar’s coming

    @marty of course it’s MY opinion. hahaha. what’s your point? Music is all opinion and subjective. And YOUR opinion is that you think Lasers has dope material. Hahaha. Just because YOU say it’s dope, doesn’t mean it’s dope. I don’t know anyone who thought Lasers was even a solid album and I’m Muslim and we should stan hard for Lupe. But if you liked it, then we probably just don’t have the same taste in music. Lol. And like I said, he’s hella talented and did well on this song. I liked “Beaming.” And “Fire.” Just thought too much of his output recently was mediocre, especially with the beats. Why are hip-hop fans like groupies? You can dislike some of an artist’s music and love other songs by them. I think Lupe is talented and I think he can do a lot better than his last two albums. His last two albums are worse than his first two. Would anyone place his last two albums above his first two. Maybe a few, but I honestly don’t know any. So yes, that suggests his music has declined. I’m just unbiased and calling it how I hear it. But then again that’s how I hear it, not you.

  • marty mcfly

    Well your opinion comes from saying his last two albums are better then his first two. Ok well I dont compare his albums like that because if I think his last two albums also have dope material then thats just how I feel. When you talk about LASERS your talking about 3 years of material so it goes beyond what you just saw on the album (even though I like those songs too). Lupe tried to keep Shinning Down, Beaming, Go To Sleep and whatever else on the album and Alantic gave him a hard time about and it led all the way up to a protest in the streets. So yeah you can be mad at the album but just consider the fight it took to make the music he wanted. The nigga came out dissing the label on the first verse of the single and then he got the nerve to make Words I Never Said his next single and then Outta My Head does extremely well on radio and then you got Letting Go, Beautiful Lasers, State Run Radio, Break The Chain, All Black Everything and Never Forget You on the album as well. So with considering the whole situation, Id say he still put out some dope shit. F&L2 also had alot of dope material so when you give YOUR opinion thats fine but I have an opinion too.

  • killerselfmeller

    “I’m Muslim and we should stan hard for Lupe”

    Muslims should STAN hard for Lupe? Lupe has nothing to do with somebody’s personal musical taste. God I can’t believe you actually posted that up as a real Muslim. (if you even are one, thats pitiful.)
    And the reason why you don’t know anybody whose liked either album is because you don’t go through anybody’s iTunes and look through the whole thing. I’m sure you’d be fucking blown away by how many people in REAL life love Lupe and all of his music. And you can’t be unbiased in music when you’ve stated that music is all opinion.
    By calling it how you see it, you’re still pushing your opinion as fact. which its not. You need to chill with your opinions brah. you can’t use them for argument

  • adi Pre

    Lupe’s flow in the middle, hot damn. Dope.

  • realtalk™

    I’m not gonna write a whole paragraph or anything.. but if you guys don’t hear the difference between Lupe on his early mixtapes and first two albums and what he puts out now then I feel sorry for you..

  • marty mcfly

    @realtalk, some people just dont want to hear the same music again. I personally dont want to hear Lupe rapping like he’s in his early 20s again because i’ve got a playlist full of those songs already. The Lupe thats probably working on Tetsuo & Youth right now in 2013 also sounds dope imo. Oh yeah and I hope the label or whoever just lets him do his thing with his last two albums. Is Lu wayyyyy out there as an artist? Yes but thats ok.

  • realtalk™

    No shit, no one wants to hear the same music again.. but Food & Liquor and The Cool weren’t the same music and they were both classics..

    I don’t care how Lupe raps, I don’t have to like everything he does just cause I liked his early mixtapes and first two albums.. but it helps when he actually sounds like he enjoys and supports what he is doing and not some half assed bullshit

  • marty mcfly

    The real question is why am I on 2dopeboyz 24/7 living in the C-Section? If I have this much free time and this much to say maybe I should get my own blog so I’ll be easier to ignore.

  • T-Dot


  • This c-section is an absolute insult to humanity.

    Everyone going on about Lupe, one person raises the contradiction that is Rick “Date Rape take another muhfucka name pretend to be a coicaine king” Ross criticising people who make “poor decisions” when he managed to lose a deal with Adidas over a lyric and a lack of understanding. Y’all are fucking ridiculous.

  • fuckin’ trolls. smh

    Damn this is dope but haha “fuckin’ trolls. smh” true plus fucking Stan’s smh!

  • marty mcfly

    @realtalk, I really dont think Lupe puts out half assed bullshit. To me it sounds like he actually takes alot time with the writing a creative process of his albums and mixtapes. @troll, LOL thanks. @This c-section… Thats the great thing about being a human being meaning that Ross can make mistakes and then make a song called Poor Decisions.

  • Skittles4hoes

    @marty mcfly yea you probably should go get your own blog set up because your’re on every other post on 2dopeboyz. Co-sign what realtalk was saying, I agree it sounds like Lupe has definitely stepped down the consistent quality of his music over the past couple years and does not have the same passion for rap that he use to – he has even voiced this in interviews and songs.

  • Emperor

    Imo, Lupe is one of the top 5 pure lyricist in the game right now. If you believe otherwise please do some research on Rap Genius because he’s probably goin over yall heads

  • Emperor

    @Marty Don’t forget about FOTP, that mixtape was DOPE, he showed he can rap on anything.

  • XI

    The fucking irony of this song.

    Lupe – “Rappers influence ya shootin’ sprees/turn around and publish bars like.. ‘it ain’t got shit to do with me’/easy to record so ruthlessly”

    Rick Ross – “rich niggas makin’ poor decisions”

    Inner city youth need more than a prayer.


    song of the year

  • Soulo hoe

    its just a gd song, with a gd msg… y u hating ffs

  • malcyvelli

    …did wale just say “blow your winky”? #weak

  • QBN

    Late on this, but yeah Lupe lost it as far as making dope albums. Yeah he can rap, but he hasn’t made any real bangers since “Dumb it Down”. I respect his lyrical ability, but don’t enjoy his albums anymore.

  • adolfmayne

    song was cool nice to hear lupe over different type of production