Action Bronson - Strictly 4 My Jeeps (rmx) f. LL Cool J & Lloyd Banks

Bronsilini's latest single gets a Queens-approved official remix from LL Cool J and Lloyd Banks. Saaab Stories arrives next week. Flex.

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  • kance

    God, Harry Fraud is so fucking overrated, it's not even funny.

    They shoulda just rapped over the original beat bc this remix fucking sucks

  • Grimzz


  • kayo

    Awww yeah

  • Westcoast

    Let the trolling start!

  • nc0310

    OOOOOOOOOH LL went in!!!!

  • Rock

    LL murdered this shit.

  • gregory kruxx.

    QUEENS!!! Reppin mY B0RO!!!

  • mike

    Who would've thought that LL would've have had the best verse on the song????

  • FuckKayne

    AB and LL were dope, that reject Craig David looking ass Banks is and has always been fucking wack.

  • jwii

    get outta here. ll and banks been dope. chorus wack though

  • I need a CDQ!

  • you gotta get uncle l on the remix to that jeep shit!!!!!!!

    butttt uhhhhhhhhh i wasnt expecting him to bouce back from that accidental racist shit like this. ooohh yeahhhh i luh dat!

  • Hal a tosis

    Damn cool James went in

  • Elko

    LL had the best flow. Of course Bronson had to kill his own shit, but if LL got in some extra bars - he would've owned this shit.

  • Elko

    LL had the best flow. Of course Bronson had to kill his own shit, but if LL got in some extra bars - he would've owned this shit.

  • Banks single-handedly ruined this song.

  • Keebo

    Whats with the hate on Banks? PLK is dohp

  • Killaaa

    fuck jaybee Banks killed it

  • staxx

    This is the LL we want. He sounds natural like a motha fuck on shit like this. Why he can't he just do shit like this all the time? Fuck them bitch songs. #QueensInTheHouse

  • A-Lofoké

    How did my Mexican garbage man say it? Oh yea, "Basura!"

  • Nigga


  • B Ka$H

    Ain't feeling this

  • Blaaaa

    Bronson is a joke and Harry Fraud is really over rated. Not every beat he makes is fire smh.

  • Killa Cam

    what's not to like about Action Bronson? faggots you all are dicksucking faggots. He got LL to drop one of his best verses in god knows how long. Lloyd Banks proved why he's one of the most underrated. Bronson did his usual dope shit. Fuck you niggas man

  • QZA

    This is a pleasant fucking surprise! Need CDQ for sure

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Damn...LL and Banks killed this.

  • vanilaG

    cool j is not made for lover songs he's made for gangsta shit like this,i hope he understand that


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