• ZePequeno


  • Faceman

    Looks like he copied the font from the cover of that Injustice video game. Anyway, this project will be interesting.

  • http://suoiranek kenarious

    Nice. Quite eloquent

  • Font geek

    Trajan Gothic is the font. Slightly condensed.
    Nice track from no malice

  • JS

    YEEZUS, MNIMN and Hear Ye Him are the only album i excited for this year!

  • DoubleClutch95

    Malice, or No Malice, Gene Elliot Thornton is the truth!!!

  • C


  • Ant

    This track is crazy. Love the drums. The guys that produced this Profound Sounds, produced the 2010 Rap Up by Skillz

  • samurai apocalypse

    that outkast line is hot