• skiler415

    I wonder why people hit the NOPE button on something is not trash. Hating must be a full time job to some people.

    I wonder how they would feel if this was their work.

  • http://www.motahiphop.com MotaHipHop.com

    Dope Song! Dope Video!

  • http://N/A XI

    Hit NOPE for terrrrrrible wordplay..
    if that is hating..
    then everything should get a dope..

  • Fureal

    This beat is fucking absurd.

  • red

    I'm gonna have to agree with XI and with Fureal.

    The lyrics here are horrible, the chorus is really, really, really bad, but the beat is awesome. I'm hoping to hear someone worthwhile hop on it, but it's such a slow beat that I doubt anyone can do it much justice.