• bareka

    this nigga pain putting in work this year

  • timmy

    this is some ill shit forreal thouggh!

  • fuhQ

    I think its safe to saw that the homies have won the rights to the name. These other fools you waste your time posting cant make it pat turn 2.

  • Jay

    Stealing that Black Star cover art...

  • fuhQ

    Like no one has stolen some cover art before. fuck you clown

  • terrance

    I fucks wit the black star cover... and these dudes got flow and always fuck wit the west side critter Nisey!

  • Cordell

    Keep more stuff like this coming. I downloaded the mixtape this track is great to work out to. You can hear the sports influence in their rhymes I like that too. Lil Wayne, Game, Jay-Z are all good at sneaking some sports references in their rhymes.

  • germany

    everybody stealing and make the same sound like the next onw rember this was a no-go now is normal what happend to realness in hip hop