Wu-Tang Clan – Family Reunion

blame it on Meka June 4, 2013

A few days after their performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam the RZA tosses Peter Rosenberg a nice alley-oop in the form of a new Wu cut, possibly off their long-awaited return album.

  • southbronx

    Daniel Bryan killed it with the YES’s tho.

  • UK Man

    Sorry, but this is WACK. This is the sort of track Big Ghostface would tear to pieces. When they came back, I wanted something HARD. This shit sounds like Sister Sledge.


  • poopoohead

    @UK Man
    Yeah, because this is the only song they’ll make…I’m sure they’ll come back HARD as you said with other tracks, but this is smooth right here.

  • Truth

    God, I hate rap fans. These are 40 year old men, who already make way too much “hard” music. The last time they were “about that life,” George H.W. Bush was president.

    Why the f-ck does every rap song have to be about murdering imaginary people, to be “good”?

    Did you not get enough of that on 12 Reasons To Die? That came out just a few months, and was about twelve songs full of the same cliched “GANGSTA!!!” bullsh-t you morons desperately crave, to unwind after a 10 hour shift at Duncan Doughnuts.

    Newsflash: Some of the best music is honest. The reason Wu-Tang’s classic run worked was because it came from an honest place. Are you the same person you were 20 years ago? You seriously expect Wu-Tang to rap in the same way, about the same things, they did 20 years ago? For real?

    Also, fans don’t know what the f-ck the want. Fans in general are pretty stupid. If it was to “rap fans,” Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers would have sounded exactly like every other rap album in 1993, without anything unique or different, because everything different and unique is bad!

    The song is really good – can’t wait to hear the CDQ. And guess what…I”m sure there will be at least six songs on their album with grunting and scary threats about killing imaginary people…which you guys will find reasons to b-tch about anyway.

  • wu tang coming back is dope

    buttt uhhhhh where red man???/

  • who cares

    Ehh… kind of underwhelming to be honest. It isn’t terrible, but it just doesn’t feel like Wu. I’ll wait to hear the CDQ. Oh, and it’s mad suspect that he said “I got the Wu-Tang song, I got the Miley Cyrus”. The fuck you doing with that shit?
    @Truth – You’re talking out of your ass. No one said anything about the Wu making murder music. I think UK Man was talking more about the production. It’s probably the softest beat we’ve heard come out of the Wu camp during their entire career and it just sounds weird coming from them. Secondly, Twelve Reasons To Die was not ‘”GANGSTA!!!” bullsh-t’. (Why you censoring yourself anyway?) Twelve Reasons as a whole was Ghostface telling a crime story. It’s hard to listen to any of those songs as individual tracks because they’re all part of something greater than themselves. Lastly, if people wanted the Wu debut to sound like everything else that came out in ’93 then why the hell did it blow up the way it did? 36 Chambers was a hit because it was raw and honest, yes, but also because it was this gritty music that was done in a way that no other artist or group had done thus far.
    @buttuh – Why would Red Man be on the first reunion track? 1) He’s not part of the group 2) It’s not even like the entire crew is on here and 3) He’s been making some really weird shit lately.

  • marty mcfly

    @truth, when the Wu first came out in 93 the members were in their early 20s and yes now their in their early 40s but they spent the first half of their life in the streets so of course they can speak on the gangsta shit and the hard mentality they had. Anybody who was really about it, doesn’t just forget those parts of they life. If someone is 25 and started hustling at 15, thats ten years right there of material about the streets and yes one could find 100 different things to make songs about speaking on that.

  • marty mcfly

    After listening to the song now, ya’ll are crazy cause this shit is dope. It probably aint the final version but its dope and it sounds like some grown man shit but im sure they got some street shit on the album too. For people that dont really like the last Ghost album, I feel you thats why you should take songs songs off the original version and then mix it up with some from the Apollo Brown version. After that the Twelve Reasons To Die sounds crazy.

  • Feel My Pain

    I’m a die hard Wu fan…and that’s why this track hurts soooo much more!
    WTF? That beat is doing nothing for me, makes me feel asleep.
    I read y’all comments like rap ain’t always goota be about killing, and this being some grown man shit. That shit right here is washed up, mushy….straight up terrible! I grew up on the Wu, I am grown man with responsibilities…and that shit is waaaay to weak for me! That might for my granddad or old people in a carehome sucking on their third set of teeth, drinking their food trough a straw! Nothing stands out about this beat.
    Sorry for lashing out like this by hate hearing “my” Wu coming through with this!
    Praying for better songs for the album!

  • u aint a wu fan u a hater

  • wu

    A bit soft.. still hyped for the new album, although last good Wu project was cuban linx 2

  • marty mcfly

    @Feel My Pain, Im a die hard fan as well and I said it’s grown man shit because it is. The vibe of this song is from a time before hip hop and before people had to front like they stone cold killers everyday. So it fits them at this time to make a song about Family. Thats not soft or weak to me at all. I know people want the predictable kung Fu samples and Rza beats but im sure thats on the album as well. You hurt by this song, shit I was disappointed by damn near their whole last album. So im glad they rapping about life at this point instead of what kinda hammers they got and how far the drug connects reach. @wu, the last Wu project was 8 Diagrams, now go listen to that mess and then you mite appreciate the Wu going in another direction.

  • DonKilluminati

    If any of you so called wu fans heard the plethora of unreleased material you might hear some dope music with a chill beat that isn’t all about the streetlife. This is not unprecendented. The beat is razor sharp and the flow is classic wu. You never knew wu was influenced by soul music?

  • gregory kruxx.

    JUst drop the beat man…just drop it…WU TANG IZ FOR EVA MUTHAPHUKAS!!!

  • runt

    Rap fans are retarded. Do you really want to hear the same song over and over? Maybe if you open your mind up to a new sound, you might actually enjoy it.

    @who cares
    Yes 12 Reasons to Die WAS some gangsta bullshit. Doesn’t matter if it was a fucking story or not, all Ghost was doing was talking shit about killing imaginary people. Personally I thought it was a little monotonous because the subject matter didn’t change much at all.

    And yes people do change, and will not be the same as they were 20 years ago. They might remember those times, but they won’t be able to rap like that just because they remember how it was. It’s a lot different being in a certain environment than having memories of it.

  • poopoohead

    It’s one song guys…fuckin relax

  • UK MAN

    I don’t want them rapping about selling drugs or street life, but I just want the music to make me nod my head and bump along. This shit is limp, yo. Look at the beats on Cuban Linx 2 or 12 Reasons. Sold beats that stand up on their own. This shit’s like wilted flower. Did they not learn from 8 Diagrams? Personally, I’m surprised Rae & Ghost would jump on this. As much as it pains me to admit, they should ditch RZA if they wanna make a hot record. He’s done. The album should be like Cuban Linx 2 or Fishscale were a collective of producers contribute beats to create an album. I know I should give it a chance, but I so desperately want it to be good. And this, readers, is not good.

  • huno

    why the fuck do you care what age they are? …. fools are fuck ageist. that is crazy. good music is good music, no matter the age… hip hop has yet to see, an 40 year rap career still vibrant to this day…. Jay, Em, Kanye, the WU…

  • buddabless

    yeeesssss!!! i luv it…listen everybody deserves time to chill & mellow-out;show appreciation to what u still have in life….20yrs in this game is not easy. this track is a little different;coming from them,but i dig it,A LOT!! R.I.P. ODB,may god bless your soul.