J. Cole – Born Sinner (Tracklist)

blame it on Illy June 5, 2013

J. Cole unveils the official tracklist to his forthcoming sophomore effort, Born Sinner, arriving June 18. The standard edition of the LP features 16 tracks with the deluxe edition including five additional tracks which Cole is calling, Yours Truly 3. Born Sinner includes guest spots from Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Jhené Aiko, Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors, James Fauntleroy, and Bas. Hit the jump for the complete deluxe edition tracklist.

01. Villuminati
02. Kerney Sermon (Skit)
03. Land of the Snakes
04. Power Trip f. Miguel
05. Mo Money (Interlude)
06. Trouble
07. Runaway
08. She Know f. Amber Coffman
09. Rich Niggaz
10. Where’s Jermaine? (Skit)
11. Forbidden Fruit f. Kendrick Lamar
12. Chaining Day
13. Ain’t That Some Shit (Interlude)”
14. Crooked Smile f. TLC
15. Let Nas Down
16. Born Sinner f. James Fauntleroy

Yours Truly 3 (Deluxe Edition)

17. Miss America
18. New York Times f. 50 Cent & Bas
19. Is She Gon Pop
20. Niggaz Know
21. Sparks Will Fly f. Jhene Aiko

  • M^2

    Born Sinner niggas!

  • Carl


  • kap

    cole world the new nat king

  • JS

    YEEZUS >>>>>> MNIMN >>>>>>> Anything else that comes out this year!

  • Jadakiss

    J.Cole killin’ shit. AHHHAA!!

  • Joe

    WTF happened to no rap features? Hardly doubt that kendrick & 50 sings.

  • brite

    ^50 is only a bonus track, which he’s giving out like candy canes and’s probably only doing a chorus like he’s done on so many Game tracks which Game then acts like are full verses.

    • Chris

      Both Kendrick n 50 only do hooks n both basically trying to sing

  • mad

    @Joe could be a hooks

  • MusicHead

    I fucking hate you ..comparing sneak hating ass niggas on this site bruh ..yall act like bitches.. Cole album gon be good hopefully this time but y’all know damn wel it aint gon be better than Yeezus & GET PUSHA T OVERRATED WEAK ASS OUTTA HERE ! Nigga album not even gon be close to being better than Cole’s.. You niggas with y’all biased non-logical the hell u think Ye gon give is bullshit..look at all his other albums QUALITY & great..stop the bullshit..YOU FUCKIN FAGS ! & STOP HATIN JUST TO HATE ON THIS SITE..FUCK ! Wale & ScHoolboy Q will have the best albums of the summer, period. & STOP DICK RIDING J COLE ON THIS SITE ! HE STILL GOTTA PROVE HE CAN MAKE A GREAT ALBUM ..who cares if those singles he dropped..good. I ain’t lettin him slide after than Cole Workd he gave us.. AND STOP DICKRIDING KANYE & PUSHA T ! AND ALWAYS TRYNA BRING KENDRICK INTO PUSHA POST ..PUSHA NOT ANYWHERE NEAR KENDRICK & GURANTEE WON’T MAKEA BETTER ALBUM THAN KENDRICK .. U FAGS ON THIS SITE & FALL THE FUCK BACK ! Pissing me off always startin unnecessary shit in the c-section ..just look at the post..comment somethin good..but don’t ride & keep it movin.. DAMN.

  • This album looks too promising

    Damn this worth copping but the whole deluxe w/ albums should just be all in one and here we go w/ the yeezus stans smh fuckin stans man but anywys June 18th gonna be a problem w/ the music!

  • uhhhh

    Who the fuck is Bas?

  • 93

    Looks good alot of skits and interludes though hate when artist do that

  • marty mcfly

    Track 15… LOL LOL LOL !!!

  • KING


  • 2412

    yessssss Im for sure gonna cop this on the 18th and download Yeezus

  • AndOneill

    Yea like said before . 4 tracks of skits and interludes?? Can’t wait for this tho. Already have the deluxe pre-ordered. How can people think yeezus gonna be better when anything I heard has been trash. Anything from cole has been too nice. Be nice if that kendrick is a verse tho.! These albums gonna leak in the next week tho.!

  • Mike

    Cant wait to hear the tracks listed, Cole

  • WORD!

    Yeezus gone kill any thing moving!

  • marty mcfly

    @KING and @AndOneil, the only reason some people feel like that is because they dont need to hear the albums cause their mind is already made up. They think Cole’s album is better from jump without of needing to hear the actual product. People said MBDTF wasn’t dope even they knew it was and thats partly because Kanye is who he is. Its not cool to say somebody so mainstream is dope but its always cool to say the underdog is better then the artist above him. Im not gonna go into listening to either album feeling any kinda way cause to me its just not that serious. If Cole makes a better album then Kanye thats great because that would mean its pretty good and if Kanye makes a better album thats also dope and if both albums are good thats even better. Kanye is obviously gonna for the artsy crowd, meaning people who think outside of the box. Not saying those people are any better then everybody else but those kind of people are more open to new sounds and new styles of creativity. The rest will so its not dope simple because its not the regular hip hop sound.

  • marty mcfly

    Corrections: They think Cole’s album is better from jump without EVEN needing to hear the actual product. Kanye is obviously gonna GO for the artsy crowd, meaning people who think outside of the box. The rest will SAY its not dope simplY because its not the regular hip hop sound.

  • Peace Out!

    @MusicHead Shut yo faggot ass up i only read half the fuckery you just wrote but i’m pretty sure it was you bitching and bitching some more

    Get yo sensitive ass out the c-section because pusha is more lyrically than 95% of the niggas in hip hop

  • butsaass

    I think marty thinks ppl give a shit about his opinion lol

  • pL

    @butsaass real shit haha every time I see his name I just skip his comment

  • Terry

    I wonder when he going to tell the story on he let nas down….

  • rew

    this @marty mcfly posts the realest more rational comments out of anyone on this childish blog.

    unfortunately most people dont have that level of maturity with music. people are indoctrinated to certain artists and becomes snobs about music like hipsters. they decide whether a song is good or bad based on whose on the song, not the quality of the actual song. i remember 2db did an experiment last year where they posted “hip hop” song but labeled it as a lil wayne song and the song got overwhelming hate despite the song already having been posted and praised days before.

    people dont appreciate music anymore. everything is just some petty competition of who is better. everyone is a groupie. im personally i big fan kanye’s work so i will be buying yeezus. But I can respect and appreciate other artists as well. i wish them all the best

  • Horns and a Halo

    looks dope, don’t be a let down on this album Jermaine

  • realtalk™

    Really excited for this shit, what we’ve heard so far is dope as fuck.. unlike the first album I think Cole will deliver and drop a classic this time around..

  • Terry

    @realtalk his first album although it isn’t a “classic” had some gems on it.

  • SWEET YEEZUS>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    15. Let Nas Down


    i lost respect for J COLE

  • co-sing marty

  • hangh?

    People who think Marty is mature have never heard of consistency or logic.

  • Cool Larry

    @pL Me too! LOL!

  • realtalk™

    @Terry it definitely did, but definitely not a classic or anywhere near Illmatic like he claimed..

    @SWEET YEEZUS do you even know what the song is about? It’s about Nas telling Cole he was disappointed with Workout..

  • AndOneill

    It’s Gonna be a good c-section when debating over all of the albums drippin around June 18th..

  • Don

    That K. Dot song is gonna be a female joint with that title & I wonder if that New York track will have that beat he wanted to give to Hov cuz that shit was Fuego Flames!

  • ear2ear

    What exactly are people basing their assumption that “Born Sinner” will be better than “Yeezus?” Let’s use logic. Kanye West has given bonafide classic albums. Plural. And even if you wouldn’t call them classics, I think we can all agree his catalog is good to great if not the most consistent in hip-hop today. His last solo project, MBDTF, was a great album that we all raved about for months but for some reason people have revisionist thinking and act like they didn’t listen to that album all winter. We haven’t really heard anything from “Yeezus” outside of building projections of a song and some live performances. So if we go off of Kanye’s track record, “Yeezus” will probably be a great album. What has Cole given us? Sideline Story? And this is what we’re using to project that “Born Sinner” will be better than “Yeezus?” It just makes no sense and you’re setting your boy J Cole up for failure by hyping a guy who just hasn’t lived up to the hype more or less. I hope Born Sinner is great but there’s no reason for me to expect it to be great. There is a reason for me to expect greatness from Kanye though.

  • Pauly D

    Marty is mature? HAH

    This nigga doesn’t even know the definition of a damned OPINION

  • Pauly D

    “I wonder if that New York track will have that beat he wanted to give to Hov cuz that shit was Fuego Flames!”

    That would be GREAT, but I honestly feel that he shouldn’t waste such a beat on 50.

  • Pauly D


    It’s all subjective, but a lot of Kanye fans have been hardly pleased with most of what’s come out with Ye. (Bound, OnSite, Awesome, New Slaves have all been shitted on by a great percent of his fanbase)

  • ear2ear

    @PaulyD Bound is literally a two second sample. Hahaha, I have no idea how anyone can form an opinion based off that. As for the other three, I can understand having an opinion on “New Slaves” since we know the sound of that one song but I really like the theme of it. As for “Awesome” and “OnSite” there’s no way to even make out what those songs are from the youtube videos. So I guess we’re just reaching for criticism rather than just waiting to find out.

  • three

    man they’re both dope no doubt, and Kanye is a legend. People want to see a new artist succeed thats all. By taking down the champ it makes Cole a bigger name. There cant be the same people dominating the charts all the time, its boring. its the same reason many people want to see Mayweather lose. The new wave is coming and its exciting to watch. Sean, wale, kendrick, Cole, Rocky etc. These people CAN be the new legends. Stop hating, root for these young MC’s

  • Pauly D


    I totally agree with most of what you said. It’s hard to judge these two albums when one doesn’t even have a CDQ out. But I honestly feel that Born Sinner will be better than Yeezus.

    New Slaves has good production, but the theme and subject matter is stale and highly contradictive.

    Awesome and Black Skinhead are the only two somewhat complete songs we’ve heard that I’ve liked.

  • Pauly D


    there is nothing at all good about whale and that is just purely OBJECTIVE

  • realtalk™

    @ear2ear guess what? Not everyone who listens to hiphop is a Kanye fan.. so there’s goes your logic how no one can think Born Sinner will be ‘better’ than Yeezus..

  • DatGuy

    In this day in age, mixtapes are somewhat equivalent to a rapper’s first albums. Before, rappers had to be on a label pushing their album for their music to be heard by the world. Even in Kanye’s day nobody was really pushing mixtapes and getting a national buzz. That first album was your first exposure whereas nowadays a mixtape can get you a similar buzz.. That being said, The Warm Up will forever be a classic, and Friday Night Lights is damn near a classic. So don’t act like Cole’s catalog is empty. There’s a reason why many, including myself expected him to deliver a classic with the first album, and lately he has been showing that potential we once saw in him.

  • PO

    the question is though, DO HE RHYME LIKE PO!?

  • marty mcfly

    @three, I dont have to wish for another artist’s downfall just to show my support for newer artist. You talking as if Kanye is a oldschool rapper, well he’s not cause his first album came out in 2004 so its a good chance the same people that are supporting Cole are also the same people that we’re supporting Kanye. Every comment made by someone who thinks Kanye is dope is not an attempt to hate on the new artists. I for one think Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Drake, etc… are all dope artists so its no hate there but I also think Kanye is dope too. I dont have to act like Kanye’s music is wack just so I can somehow show my support of say a new artist. If you wanted Cole to go after the person dominating the charts then he would have to go at Drake or 2 Chainz or Kendrick Lamar or Ross etc… cause Kanye doesn’t dominate the charts. However I do think people have forgotten how ill Kanye is when it comes to making albums. He has a tightly put together and potentially very cohesive body of work thats been held under raps for the most part and its a very good chance, judging by his past albums thats it’s gonna be dope. I much as Cole would like to turn this into a campaign of little artist vs big artist, whatever Cole’s album sounds like isn’t gonna make me think different about Kanye. Unfortunately the Cole’s stans feel like if Cole challenges Kanye then its fuck Kanye and fuck his album regardless of how it sounds and that was a marketing strategy imo on Cole’s part but I wouldn’t underestimate Kanye when t comes to albums.

  • marty mcfly

    If the “new wave” of rappers wanna go at someone then they need to go see that nigga Drake cause like it or not, he’s the leader of the new school imo. People who we’re hip hop fans in the 90s would love to hear new artists make great albums but at he same time if that doesn’t happen dont blame the fans of the era before this one cause thats a cop out. Hip Hop purists show support for Lupe, just like they did for Nas, just like they do for Joey Bada$$ etc…

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly D, you keep talking about opinion and subjective and objective blah blah blah but its like dude, we all know it comes down to opinion so by you repeating what everybody already knows, your aint saying much. You say New Slaves is stale and contradictive… Id say Kanye comes from a Black Panther father and a college professor mother so some messages he puts in his music you probably cant understand but alot of us do.

  • ear2ear

    lol thanks for pointing that out @realtalk…

    I’m sure I can find people who aren’t fans of Nas, Jay, Andre, anyone who’s acclaimed etc. etc…still doesn’t take away from their accomplishments and their track record. I do like how you put better in quotations. Lol. Are you trying to say you actually don’t believe it will be?

    I’m just saying it doesn’t have to be either or. Maybe Cole and Kanye will both drop great projects. I just would be more surprised if Cole did because his debut ALBUM (I don’t care about mixtapes…that shit is like bragging about the preseason) was a bit of a dud where as Kanye has multiple great albums under his belt. Now you can say, “not everyone’s a fan of Kanye,” but at least he’s done a better job of satisfying his fanbase and living up to their hype than Cole did with Sideline Story. Maybe he gets there with Born Sinner, but I’m not just going make a hyperbolic statement about him overtaking Kanye until I hear the albums. It’s stupid to do so.

    • realtalk™

      @ear2ear I put “better” in quotation marks because there’s is no definitive better or worse when comparing albums, it’s too subjective.

      So you can talk all your shit about Kanye this, Cole that, but nothing will turn your opinion into a fact or even make me change my opinion.

      And another thing, you can’t really compare Cole’s (disappointing) debut album to Ye’s (classic) debut album as far as living up to the expectations because people had no expectations for the latter like they did for the former.

  • fuckuchrisbrown

    guarantee he sings on half of these shits..thats my only real problem with rappers like cole..if u want to sing be a r&b singer..or hire a person to sing on ur hook..perfect example..on power trip he put miguel on there..and is still singin..the fuck outta here..i dont like r&b singers rappin either.

  • marty mcfly

    My bad, I said “Kanye doesn’t dominate the charts”. I was talking about in certain areas like radio play but in albums sales he does do his thing. If Kanye sells more first week (or by the end of 2013) then so be it and if Cole sells more then all you Cole’s fans can jump for joy but musically if Kanye puts out a dope album then its just dope period. For some of you people thats always talking about how sells dont matter, I guess that all changed when Cole put out his record the same day as Kanye. Smh and for people talking about Cole’s first mixtape, whats interesting is in part 1 of the recent CRWN interview with Elliott Wilson, Cole said he changed his mixtape after hearing So Far Gone cause in his opinion Cole – “The game changed the minute Drake dropped So Far Gone”… Now thats cool but I say that to say Cole always had his eye on what Drake was doing so if he really wanna challenge somebody then go at Drake because honestly whatever the outcome of one week of album sales is, most people will still consider Kanye outta Cole’s league at this period of time.

  • deezballs

    i see he tryna bring that old feel back with these damn skits but so far looks pretty good. and stop comparing ye and cole’s album, they will be different from each other and cole will give us way better bars, the thing about ye is his bars are so trash now&days but his production and the way he brings certain artist together makes his albums a treat to listen too.. no hope for wale tho’ i miss the old “mixtape about nothing days”..

  • Marty Mcfly

    Basically what I’m trying to say is that I love Kanye because Jay Z loves Kanye. Its that simple.

  • marty mcfly

    @troll ^^^ No, its really people like you that love Kanye’s music but its just not cool to admit anymore. I dont think every song he does is dope but overall he has more dope songs then wack ones. As for people talking about BARS, I look forward to that debate because if you compare bars on each of their last solo albums, I think Kanye definitely had the lyrical edge.

  • Pauly D


    how is New Slaves not stale and contradictive?

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly D, you asked me alot of questions about that song last time and I told you, its you that gotta find out what he’s talking to because im not gonna breakdown the history of america to give you some of the reference points of New Slaves. Not only would I have to breakdown american history, but id have to speak on society issues and the mentality of the hip hop culture in regards to to different things in american society. Im not gonna explain what you should’ve learned about in history and social studies class. Plus you’d have to be one that appreciates certain aspects of ARTistic expression from the writing of those lyrics and even to the delivery of that particular song (as well as really the whole album cause its not really connected to the tradition marketing of hip hop albums). I cant breakdown for you what you probably wouldn’t understand in the first place. When Cole does I record like Crooked Smile, I dont pretend I dont understand just to act like its not dope and I dont ask other people to explain the meaning to me either and thats cause some shit you should already know.

  • marty mcfly

    @realtalk you really make no sense.

    “there is no definitive better or worse when comparing albums, it’s too subjective.”

    then goes on to admit cole’s debut was disappointing and kanye’s was classic, thus comparing them even though he says we can’t do that.

  • XI


    I think he means the way hip-hop culture views the two albums.

  • Rufus

    Don’t get me wrong I like Kanye, but his shit is often pretentious as hell. Ye acts like he’s some rapping, fashion genius savant. Marty be a lot of Kanye’s shit is just meaningless bullshit with contradictory and incoherent messages cause he knows if can obfuscate his lyrics motherfuckers like you are going to invent some ridiculous conceit. When you say Kanye is going for the artsy crowd” you just mean stuck up shits like you who think they are hearing some message that everyone beneath you is too stupid to hear. Its a lot harder to make intelligent music with depth that conveys a clear rational message. That’s why J. Cole is a dope rapper, and Ye has lost his way. Instead of making 30 minute art videos about alien bird-women crashing on Earth, Cole is making music that relates to people’s lives directly and provides cogent themes in every song that don’t require you to act like a second year college art major. Oh, and fuck you Marty. Cole World

  • marty mcfly

    @realtalk, that last comment was a troll so just ignore it but I’ll leave it like this, When it comes to Cole im obviously not a fan. However im not gonna say his album is wack before I even hear it and im not gonna go into expecting it to be wack either. Im gonna listen to it just like I listen to another artists album and if I like it then I like It and if I dont then I dont. Have a good night.

  • XI


    KANYE had to meet all types of ridiculous expectations. I remember the conversations at school at that point in time.

    Rappers brushed dude off heavy because he was a producer that wanted to rap, and hip-hop nerds/back-packers had stupid HIGH expectations.
    That was a make or break record.


  • XI


  • marty mcfly

    @Rufus, people hate what they dont understand which is cool but the people saying Kanye is contradictive? Id say ever since Kanye first came out he had a level of substance and if you view him as being contadictive then good cause I guess he’s a human being like everybody else. Some People in hip hop always saying they want artists to speak on certain issues then when they get it, they complain how dont like how it was said and who it came from. Smh Oh, and fuck you to. When Kanye rapped on Murder To Excellence some people said well Kanye got to much money to rap about real issues, well my opinion is at least he’s willing to say something. If you cant relate thats you.

  • Rufus

    When you rap about how fucked up society is and how people need to help deal with the problems of the world in one song and in the next you reference your endless money and name drop brands of clothes so expensive people havent heard of, that doesn’t make “substantive.” That makes you full of shit. Ye talks about racism and the plight of the black community yet he’s a poster child of extreme excess and created a 500k a year charity and didnt give a dime to any of those people for who “he’s willing to say something.” I don’t want Ye to just speak on issues, I want him to use his position to try and affect change rather than just using it as a platform for personal gain so he can buy a new gay looking designer outfit for thousands of dollars that he’s gonna wear once.

  • marty mcfly

    Compared to 90s hip hop Kanye barely speaks on how much money he has. Before Kanye, rappers was talking about how much money they had and how they clothes is the freshest like crazy. So acting like Kanye is so different idk if thats enough to just say he’s full of shit. Why cant Kanye talk about the black community, just because he also talks about how he’s balling? Just stop. Bragging about fashion and money has ALWAYS been a huge part of hip hop almost to the point where its the first thing some people think about when they mention the culture. Doesn’t J Cole talk about having alot of money too? Yeah Kanye talks about his success and some people are inspired by that so not everyone is gonna have a negative reaction to it. Yeah he raps about success but if you really listen you might catch him saying something in those songs as well. Im sure you probably personally know somebody that talks about how much money they have and how fresh they are. If you go to any hood in america right now you’ll probably see somebody who also likes nice things and talks about it. So if its ok for them then its ok for Kanye. When you say you want Kanye use his position to effect change? I mean theres hundred examples of that starting from Jesus Walks to New Slaves so its not like he hasn’t used his position to effect change. Its deeper then just personal gain because he doesn’t have to use his art at all to say anything important but he chooses to. Cole is not the only one to rap about college and other things of substance in hip hop.

  • ear2ear

    Hahaha @rufus, Nas has done the same in terms of contradictions in their music. Pac has. Jay-Z has. Ghostface has…

    this list can seriously keep going.

    “rap ain’t nothing but the art of talking shit.” – andre 3000

  • deezballs

    @marty mcfly ye has no bars compared to cole period, and he wont ever, cole just has more lyrical abilities. cole speaks from his backgrounds and surroundings growing up so hes lyrics are more heart felt and has more passion put into them.. now with kanye, hes a music genius. he gets his drive from the culture you dont feel the passion from his bars but he makes music, meaning you get the good production, the nice pairs of features and makes you listen with yours by talking about culture instead of giving you shit from the heart. kanye is a genius at re-inventing his self each album because he understands music very well.. either way i cant wait for both albums

  • Kanye production would probably over shine his album. The two songs he released were so mediocore on so many level.

  • Westcoast

    I swear you guys can’t just shut up and support these two great artist like Kanye & Cole! Yeah it’s competitive that’s how music is just like in sports but ya just dick riding. @Marty Mcfly feeds off ppl praising Cole to try to preach what his perspective is which I respect it even if I don’t agree with them but come on now every post now? Anyway back to where I was appreciate hip hop to where it is now its getting back to a great era of new rappers. I’m supporting both rappers June 18!!

  • I feel like Land of the Snakes is gonna be a problem tho. I’m so stoked to hear from this album.

  • three

    @Marty i wasnt saying that Kanye was wack or you have to hate him to like cole. Kanye is probably one of if not my favorite artist. what i was saying is that seeing the new guy win is good for the genre. it creates new legends in the game. we all know what Kanye is capable of especially given the amount of resources he has, but cole is damn good and seems like he’s in his zone. theres a sea of rappers on the internet, the fact that he graduated from that and is making albums (a number one album at that) speaks volumes. Same thing with wale @Pauly D. Making a buzz on the internet is not easy giving the amount of competition thats out there and the fact that of these artists are succeeding commercially truly means that they are good at what they do. weither it be chief keef on his trap shit or kendrick on his lyrical shit, they got big for a reason. Clearly longevity plays a part too. all i know is im buying coles album the first week and kanye’s the second. i want to see that kid win

  • busta_ass

    marty has nothing better to do than post comment after comment, bro do you live a life outside of the c-section? all you do is post paragraph after paragraph, WE DON’T CARE. I bet you go on as a different name and up yourself with different comments agreeing with yourself. lol bitch ass

  • marty mcfly

    @three, yeah I see your point but one thing i’ve heard before is that fans of hip hop from ten years early somehow dont want to see the new rappers succeed or become great or whatever. I personally would love to see the new rappers become great and I believe many other people feel the same way. In my experience most times its a new dope MC, everybody shows that person support so I really dont think fans of the previous era or somehow not wanting to hear a new artist make great music. That all

  • XI

    @marty mcfly ye has no bars compared to cole period, and he wont ever, cole just has more lyrical abilities. cole speaks from his backgrounds and surroundings growing up so hes lyrics are more heart felt and has more passion put into them.. now with kanye, hes a music genius. he gets his drive from the culture you dont feel the passion from his bars but he makes music, meaning you get the good production, the nice pairs of features and makes you listen with yours by talking about culture instead of giving you shit from the heart. kanye is a genius at re-inventing his self each album because he understands music very well.. either way i cant wait for both albums

    deezballs said this on June 6th, 2013 at 12:28 am

    I Don’t know what Kanye you listen to, bro. This is where a person goes from being a fan to becoming a stan.

  • please let’s not get too carried away with j cole’s lyricism

    “I let you feel like you the sh*t, but boy, you can’t out-fart me.” – J Cole

  • Un Neggre à Paris

    Kanye West is just a Hip “Pop” artist right now…It’s sad but just face it.I don’t like his sound since he made an entire auto-tune album.I can’t deny that is an activist talking about Black znd all that with his music which is good…But…he got no Flow,good message but no lyrics right now.He want to be appreciate by everyone and he’s losing his purpose for Real HipHop.If He want to go Hip’Pop…It’s Not the Ye that he used to be.He still a good artist but not right now!!!

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ You think Kanye making a song like New Slaves is him trying to go pop? Or him making a song like Black Skinheads is him trying to appeal to everyone and lose the purpose of real hip hop. Homie making those kinda songs is when a nigga trying to scare the shit outta pop fans and mainstream fans, not trying to get them to buy it. Go holla at Cole about Power Trip before you say some shit about RealHipHop.

  • back when hip hop was alive

  • naff

    if u call ye mediocre by default u admitted that so is j cole

  • Un Neggre à Paris

    First of All, Marty sMaCk the shit out ya mouth…Put the kanye Dick out of TON CUL SERRER=>Your Tight Ass in french and off your mouth please!!!Are you serious YoBich’?? What the fuck is that beat on black skinhead YoBich? GTFOH U can tell me it’s a HipHop or even a Rap beat YoBich…I call this kinda of shit…HIP’POP’RAP.You “petite pute”=>Lil Bitch when i’m takin’ about HipHop or Real HipHop Rap or whatever the fuck I’m talkin’ about, I’m talkin’ about Beats Lyrics Flow rhymes delivery metaphors etc.Right! Now he’s just rappin’ on pop’rock’rap beats with some conscious activist which is very good but don’t tell me that shit is REAL HIPHOP or HIPHOP…he’s far from that.It’s HIP’POP’ROCK’RAP and just put the “HIP” away.And If u don’t like it…va niker ta mère fils de pute and will not translate this for your ass bitch.This Nigga always bring his throat full of kanye bip everytime…Damn!!! And by the way my last song about J.cole is “Let it go” the rest are average…J.Cole or a Kanye Stan YoBich!!!!

  • WHAT!

    Forbidden Fruit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Pauly D

    The album is GREAT