Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Nas & Timbaland In The Studio

blame it on Illy June 5, 2013

“For some this is “work”… For us it’s just fun.”Kodak Lens

  • BobbyWhite

    jesus……. this is the third time I’ve creamed my pants today cuz of music news

  • milkmustache

    wheres the other 2 pieces of news? I’m trying to get on your level

  • rqe


    when did it become cool to use homoerotic analogies to express excitement for male musicians?

  • tewr

    You Owe Me Part 2

  • 2

    this is obviously a staged picture

  • BobbyWhite

    @milkmustache 50 cent on oxymoron intro (you know thats gonna be fire) and the pic of EM and Black Hippy!

    @rqe i didnt say it was cool faggot, nor do i care if some kid on the internet thinks im cool or not

  • left on 182nd

    Could be the two most legendary photos in the past three years, back-to-back. And now we have to practice patience to see what, if anything musically comes out of these. If only I could be a mouse in the room..

  • XI

    You Owe Me Part 2

    tewr said this on June 5th, 2013 at 9:57 pm


  • j-iDontGivA

    They say a picture says a thousand words, unfortunately “pictures” like these don’t tell us anything. Nor are they anything more than just pictures. People who have music to put out puts out music not photos. This shit don’t mean shit.

  • phucc

    timbo is and always has been WACK

  • rasn

    ^lol ok bro

  • Boom

    And then Nas says ” I wasn’t even trying on Ether..”

  • And 1

    sucks to see nas with these fucking hacks

  • QZA

    @Boom, yes.

  • QZA

    On a separate note, I’d be a lot more hyped if this didn’t look so staged

  • hahahahahahahah

    “And then Nas says ‘I wasn’t even trying on Ether..'”

  • michael phelps

    JT asks “So where you been after ‘I Am?'”

  • JB

    it looks so phony… “everybody act like we’re laughing at something very funny on 3” ugh.

  • runt


    serious ass nigga

  • yall gon learn later that day

  • Yo Grandaddy

    Whole lot of money in that room.

  • aYo

    “No Hibbert” on the first comment

  • kevin

    Jay wore the same shit he wore for the BBC 10 year launch party. This photo is staged as some woulda mentioned!

  • marty

    fuck Justin timberlake, how bout nas & jay do an album together with production from ski beatz,just blaze,kanye & madlib. and we can get two more, 1 from dj premo & 1 from pete rock. hip hop classic.

  • huh

    ^^ we all know a Nas over just Premo Beats or Jay over just Kanye beats, etc. etc. would be classic, just never gonna happen

  • Da Gawd

    This needs to happen like yesterday

  • who cares

    Take out Jay and I might actually care. A Nas/Timberlake track would be mad dope if done right.

  • jj

    lot of finger pointing going on in this photo

  • SamFlow

    @who cares I actually agree w/ u on this. I dont care to hav Jay on this song……or any song. I havent cared for any of Jay’s longs for a few yrs now