Random Acts Of F*ckery: Soulja Boy Edition

blame it on Meka June 5, 2013

Applaud Add-2 for firing off this madness to my timeline… and to all a good night *Shooting Star Presses off Brooklyn Bridge*

  • wat


  • Mike Brewer

    That nigga ain’t shit

  • poopoohead

    Got through 27 seconds…gotta be a record or something…

  • smh

    This nigga is trash and look at this corny white and them corny cac’s

  • Smh

    Smh this nigga has hit a all time low

  • Da Spaniard


  • Lago

    Couldn’t make it past 1 bar…fuck I hate when people do corny shit like this.

  • Damn

    I can’t believe I’m saying this…but they should’ve gave Soulja Boy a verse. I know that sounds awful, but out of all of those cornballs, he’s the only one with any “experience” at rapping.

  • 1

    @damn…fuck no. “They” just never should have created this audio dookie. Think i even saw some tears dripping from my speakers after playin this shit.

  • Maverick

    I am sure at no point in time when making this it was suppose to be taken seriously. It clearly is a joke/parody to Bachelor/Bacelorette show and Soulja Boy just made an appearance. Doubt this was an attempt to win a Grammy. Yes, it was chessy and corny but that is what they were going for. Some people need to stop pissing in their Wheaties in the mornings before eating them.

  • blackdude

    lollol whitest people ever

  • Easily his best song to date!

  • Profoundartist

    I feel like killing myself now

  • Broth3r

    They didnt pay him enough to do this. OH NO Soulja.