Cassidy – Dopest Out (Meek Mill Diss)

blame it on the intern June 8, 2013

New music from Cassidy reminding folks that he’s still got it. Even though he doesn’t say his name, I think it’s safe to say this track is aimed at the MMG rapper.

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  • Blex

    nope. i love cassidy, but nope.

  • Cooke

    yea right shit is dope

  • WE$T$IDE

    Meek > Cass

  • efalk

    i was just thinking the other day that cassidy has vanished since the meek beef and was hoping he wouldnt put out a random diss to try and get more attention from it. cass is far better than meek but this is a wack look and a pretty wack diss too

  • re

    trash. boring. no one care cass. i loved raid, but meek was right, everyone stopped caring a week later. and now youre back at it throwing subliminals.

  • Fuck Meek Mill & Everybody around this trick…cassidy killed his ass with R.A.I.D…this track is maybe a leftover from the diss sessions…who the fuck knows.

  • Flash

    meek has been dissing cass at performances and on radio interviews over the past week so he deserve every diss cass throw at him

  • Postyle619

    Yea Cass you gone have to come harder than that meek album is smashin on your industry work

  • a bunch of hateful emojis at this nigga…. smh.

  • jorgey

    …………………………….absolutely no one cares, i only clicked to be 100% sure in my statement, like this is even late for “their beef”…..grasping at straws

  • sulls

    cass got bars and he is out of meek’s reach. what the fuck y’all want more? hugging ross doesn’t make meek a better rapper than cass. this is rap beef. ‘Fuck all the damn hype, this about bars/
    It’s not about rollies, it’s not about cars/
    It’s not about Y.S.L. or Audemars’