Mac Miller – Suplexes Inside of Complexes & Duplexes f. Jay Electronica

blame it on Illy June 8, 2013

Off Mac’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off out June 18.

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  • no thanks.

  • BobbyWhite

    this is dope fuck the haters

  • malcyvelli

    I’m getting sick of this rhyme style from mac, he’s just doing that random rhyme a bunch of off beat words type shit and I’m just not digging it personally, if that’s what he really wants to do on a track then go for it but it sounds like shit, especially with these beats, at least we now know jay elect is still alive

  • MoneyG

    They both went off!

  • wat

    Jay Elec killed it as expected but Mac needs to stop this annoying uninspired ass flow (or lack thereof)

  • go to college

    mac miller is the most uncreative creative rapper out there, what a piece of shit, reminds me of Game trying to rap like everyone else

  • MusicHead

    I wonder how many dopes this going to get causeof the “Jay Electronica” is in the song ? Probably huge dickriding nevertheless though.

  • Piff

    y’all niggaz sum haters mac & jay both snapped

  • MusicHead

    Mac Miller being around Earl Sweatshirt too much ..Earl overrated trashness starting to rub off..

    I don’t what the fuck either is was talking bout …Jay ended it coo tho…but this was so ehhhh ..FOH! With all that “dope” shit ..I wouldn’t trip if I never heard this again. Smh.

  • Yoing Rej

    That odd future flow is starting to rub off on him smh. That’s not for everybody.

  • AyoooWADDUP

    Not “Odd Future” flow but definitely Earl’s no emotion, no flow, no energy flow. Smh Mac Miller

  • skittles4hoes

    yeah not sure how i feel about this

  • west west

    Yawn.. Jay Elec is a lazy muhfucka that is too afraid to put an album out cuz he might flop and become the new Canibus.

  • at the end of the day he will sale units, people really don’t like Mac, lol

    nice hearing jay electronica

  • yoyowhatthe

    this beat goes and jay killed it just wish it wasn’t mac millers album and mac miller wasnt on this song

  • Cooke

    STFU your opinions dont matter, fags always gonna hate. This shit is dope

  • Mijo

    This shits trying to be hard and that’s the problem. It’s for high schoolers. Bottom line.

  • knowledge70D

    wait jay electronica is still the top 3 best out and hasn’t even dropped an album. wow and if u think i’m wrong you’re just retarded, real hip hop heads recognize

    mac on the other hand only get’s props for bringing jay out of the cave for this song, only reason why i pressed play– mac’s been wack to me but white suburban teens need some hip hop to connect to as well so i can’t even hate. plus he’s lightweight makin moves…. even with his youtube punchlines and earl flow jacking haha i couldn’t help it

  • rofl wack ass fuckin collab yo. who the fuck is puttin this nigga on man?! fuckin who wants to hear that shit? weakest mc out with a ghost ass one hit wonder nigga the fuck? get this shit off my screen

  • j2fly

    jay electronica is a bitch

  • brian

    damn milly u obviously haven’t heard anything by jay elec for u to be saying that

    this nigga is over most heads with his shit you prolyl just one of the dumb niggas who don’t get it. either that or you haven’t heard “abracadabra” “exhibit a” “the announcement” “victory is in my clutches” “Jazzmatazz” idk the list goes on you LOSE

  • bashful

    jay is one of the best rappers out! is the world going crazy? I thought this was an objective truth

  • j2fly

    dont trip im fuckin around hes dope. just needs to make some damn music.

  • knowledge70D

    milly stfu and go listen to ElectroChemicals talkin all that nonsense ya bishhh

  • BumpyGooch

    All of Macs recent shit,he’s rapd like Earl.LMAO. And j elec just made me miss his music

  • Juicy-G

    WTF Jay Elec!!!

  • jules

    Shout out to Tony Toca!

  • coolstorybro45

    Damn beat is beautiful…

  • robi

    this is boring

  • stop

    this is far from being wack … This song > j cole’s whole album tho

  • This is ok I guess.

  • T

    I could write an essay about Jay Electronica, but I won’t. He’s not sitting around beating up the illuminati pussy and saying fuck the fans. And you’ll get it when it’s perfect in whatever form it’s meant to be in. Some artists still believe in excellence.

  • DreadNone

    Jay Elec is a master of the abstract, you gotta respect dat. Mac Miller will fade back to the underground in 5 yrs.


    Jay Elecra is here where dafuq is DETOX?


    mac miller fake ass earl flow … corny idc whos on the song if its garbage its garbage . what happend to making some real shit that i can actually give a few listens to and bump in the car.

  • runt

    thought this was wack as fuck. jay elec verse was solid enough, but nothing else going for this track at all

  • jon


  • PackinJackson

    If u dont fuck wit this then you probably think waka flaka is lyrical

  • adolfmayne

    shit load of hate on here of course but did anyone hear guild with mac & earl? their verses were dope so fuck you

  • randy

    “If u dont fuck wit this then you probably think waka flaka is lyrical”

    great deductive reasoning there. Like what I like or there is something wrong with you. Good call, Hitle, good call.

  • erickgrady

    Jay Elect freaking snapped smdh.. but this is just pissing me off cuz its reminding me he still hasn’t dropped Act 2… Jay Elect >>>>

  • M0ns!er


  • nggas all upset your defending jay elect on a mac miller song ROFL point proven. this nigga is wack. i like jay i didnt say he was wack, but the collab itself is. your fucking wack if you dont think so. move along now

  • HiiiLife

    STR8 GRABAGE. wack miller gonna flop.

  • BasedGod

    Act II?
    Collab with Lil B?



  • MewLover34

    Lol @ anyone saying a single negative word about Sweatshirt. You do understand Doris will most likely be a top 5 album of the year right? The 5 or so songs we’ve heard so far put it so far ahead of Born Sinner already it’s not even funny. Mac should let Earl influence him more and more everyday, it would make anyone a better rapper. Songs dope, I’m sure the album will be pretty good, most likely second best album from that day, unless the Statik record is incredible.

  • illamdh

    You dudes new to the rap game or some shit? Thats not an oddfuture flow, thats a Eminem Slim Shady LP flow… Step ya rap knowledge up kids


    ^^ exactly. mac is using Eminem’s flow if anything…
    and fuck yall if you think this album will be wack, you’re just hating. Obviously it comes down to personal preference for the most part, but I think this will be better than cole and yeezy’s album. The homie mac is stepping his game up. Look at these collabs – all of your favorite rappers hopped on this album

  • Knowledge70D

    though u are right that it’s eminem’s flow, earl (and most of OF) are highly influeced by eminen’s flow which is where mac is taking it from… mac – earl – eminem – (and the list goes on to who has influeced em)

    @milly , so u just retracted ur statement.. is that what ur sayin? jay elec > the vast majority of the game , and if u dont have ears and couldn’t hear this verse, u should prolly slap yaself because it was dope af. u lose bruh

  • bashful

    haha milly a bitch, this go

    jay elec >

  • the realest

    Look at these collabs – all of your favorite rappers hopped on this album

    WMWTSO said this on June 9th, 2013 at 6:06 am

    ^ everybody hopped on that album to get the young white vote. to keep it all the way one thousand. but keep on lol

  • ppierce

    he pretty much took “Bad Meets Evil” and “I Still Domt Give a Fuck”

    and blended them together…am a Mac fan though, but not this track

  • Ha!

    Mac Album leaked too… at least listen to the album before yall start hating